Fear is Nothing But a Mental Scarecrow
Use Time to Slay Your Fear Dragons

Stories from the Dungeons of Fear

Do you want to step up and make an improvement to your situation but feel uncertain and scared?
Maybe you’re skeptical?
How do we know that this is going to work? 
I’ll show you how to stand up against fear and defeat it.
 I would get this all the time:
“David, your program looks so unique and your process really opened up my eyes and everything sounds really good,
but something’s just holding me back…
I can’t really describe it in words
…like I don’t know what it is, I just feel a little uncomfortable and not 100% convinced
I’m a little doubtful
I’m a little scared”
That’s a really good question
EVERYONE’s going to come up against this
and everyone’s going to be facing this
and that’s totally fine and totally normal
it’s to be expected
whenever you go and do something new or whenever you push yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone
It’s like a video game, the next level is going to get more difficult
If you want to improve in your focus, it requires you to step outside of that comfort zone and step into possibility.
If you want to improve at the highest of levels and get the maximum hours of productivity out of your day then of course you’re going to face some resistance.
You can’t just jump to level 100.
And that resistance that shows up is FEAR
At first, you might see all the lessons and wisdom,
And you fear that there will be so much to do and so much to learn…
You see yourself a week later, having tons of work to do
Or a month later overwhelmed by so much knowledge and work…
Here’s the key:
You’re thinking too much into the FUTURE.
That’s the opposite of FLOW.
The same thing has happened with me,
Fear #1:
One of the biggest fear that I had was in public speaking.
I was always thinking “ahead of time.”
“What if I mess up??”
“What would other people think about me?”
“What if I forget my speech?”
There was too much FUTURE in my head.
I was plotting ideas in my head that didn’t even happen yet!
But once you get into more of the PRESENT moment, then calmness starts to sink in.
Just think about ONE step at a time.
10,000 steps might be hard…
But not 1 step.
Step 1 is easy.
So is step 2.
You must eliminate too much FUTURE and replace it with PRESENCE.
If I never got myself into the PRESENT moment and got over this fear of public speaking, it wouldn’t have become this gift of mine.
I wouldn’t have acquired the very skills that I’m sharing with you in the program.
Fear #2
I would always be scared to go to out to conferences, seminars and trainings and meet people…
Again I was caught in a “FUTURE loop”
I would think:
“I hope they like me!”
“What if I introduce myself, but I look like a fool??”
Again, I was creating mental movies that didn’t even happen yet!
I have absolutely NO CONTROL over what’s going to happen, yet I already created that in my head.
Too much FUTURE.
But when I told myself…
“Let’s take this one step at a time, David…
Let me just go up and say ‘hi’
Say hi first that’s all I’ve got to think about.”
Once I got myself into a step by step mindset,
I started meeting people!
Once I said “hi” they would be so open and friendly
I started making a lot of friends!
Realizing that there is nothing to fear!
And people actually started giving me props because I had the courage to introduce myself!
When I tackled this future fear and I introduced myself to all these great people…
Something great was birth from those interactions:
I met future business partners
I would form a mastermind with a few of these people whom I introduced myself too
And ultimately, I made some lifelong friends 🙂
All from looking fear in the eyes, and slaying that dragon.
Let’s take a look at the Fear Paradigms through the lens of FLOW
Some people can’t let go of things that happened in the past:
-Someone told you you were a bad student
-A partner left you
-Someone you trusted stabbed you in the back
-That guy that cut you off while driving an hour ago
And being stuck in the PAST, cripples people and they are frozen and can’t take action
If you have too much PAST, you won’t be able to get into flow
The other side of this continuum is too much future
-You’re always anxious,
-You don’t know if you’re going to miss your flight
-You don’t know how your presentation is going to go
-You’re over planning, and over thinking things
Your actions are paralyzed by future thought
If you look TOO far out, there’s a lot of things you’ve got to do
There’s a lot of things you’ve got to learn
There’s a lot of things you don’t know
And you can’t even forecast them
We can’t even forecast the weather let alone what’s going to happen to you
If you’re stuck between these two dimension of:
Too much past
Too much future
You’ll never get anything done, you’ll never be successful.
You’ll never achieve FLOW
The place to be thinking, living and being is from:
Copy of Venn diagram
You want to live your days in moment by moment compartments
A box within each moment
That’s where flow lies
That’s where action lies
That’s where you can get things done and your goals finished
So instead of looking for the long ONE YEAR ahead for my goal, I asked:
Okay, what can I do TODAY?
What can I do NOW, to get me JUST ONE step closer to my goal?
Just one is all that I need
If I’m writing a book I would say:
Forget the 1 year thing,
What can I do today?
So everyday I would tell myself:
Let’s write 1 page today.
That’s it.
One piece of content
Instead of worrying about what 2, 5 years would look like
Once I took care of the moments,
Once I took care of the days
Weeks fell into place
Months fell into place
The year fell into place.
Goal executed.
Mission Accomplished.
Promise kept.
I just focus on the ONES.
I just focus on the NOW.
Add those ones up and you get 10,000 steps.
If you’re reading this and you’re asking yourself:
“I want to achieve my goal this year.”
“I want to have the ability to FOCUS, SO that I can achieve my goal this year.”
“I want to be able to execute & to be more productive.”
“I want to get effortless focus through flow states.”
“I want to create, to design, to build, to architect and to make art, businesses, or whatever your skill or career is.”
And this IS a good thing, you have the DESIRE and the WANT to acquire this everlasting skill of flow.
Step 1:
Desire (which you have)
Step 2:
Having a coach
And a process
In the beginning, I had to figure out everything out on my own.
I’ve went through tons of experiments on my body.
Thousands of dollars in courses, conferences, trainings, seminars, you name it.
Thousands of hours spent in reading books and researching
It was very painful and it cost me a lot of time & money
I wasted a lot of years of trial and error
All of that waste could have been removed and I could have taken a shortcut if I had a mentor and a process to follow
Here’s the difference between the Two:
The Long Way
Try to figure this out by yourself:
Get to where you want to go in 5 – 10 years or maybe even NEVER
The Short Way
With a Coach & Process
Get to where you want to go in 6 months to a year
You have the Desire (Step #1)
You have the Process (Step #2)
Now let’s combine that with the final step
Step #3
Take Action TODAY!
If you have these 3 things, there is no way, that you’re not getting to where you want to go
Step 1 Having burning desire to learn, and to achieve goal
Step 2 Have a mentor and a process to do things as efficiently as possible
Step 3 Cut out the past, cut out the future, and you just think about today and take ACTION!
Right now you have that very opportunity:
You have the chance to Join 🔥Flow: The Mind on Fire 6 Week Course showing you everything you need to achieve your One True North Goal this year!
Let’s make this YOUR year!
You already have Step 1 (the desire)
Step 2, you have the system (Flow: The Mind on Fire) and the coach (David)
You get to follow a proven process to ignite fire in your mind!
So if you join the program, you check off step 2!
Now all you need is step 3.
Stop worrying about he future.
Stop dwelling on the past
Start doing things today and now
Flow, not anxiety!
RIGHT NOW, you can still enroll in Flow: The Mind on Fire
Step #3 can be the START of you taking action today
You can get instant access as soon as you sign up and you can start learning TODAY
People who get results they don’t think
“Oh I’ll get to that in 6 months”
People who get results they execute TODAY and NOW
Friends & people I know who come up with the excuse of:
“Yeah, man I’ll get to it in 6 months”
I would follow up with them a year later and ask:
“How’s it going with that thing?”
“Oh yeah man I couldn’t get to it, but this years the year.”
And 5 years later, they’ll be saying the same thing:
“the timing’s not perfect”
And they’ll never get things done.
If you put all these excuses and voices together:
Don’t fall for that trap
Instead listen to your heart of heart.
The whisper that tells you to GO FOR IT
That’s the whisper of the hero’s journey
There will NEVER be a perfect time
You have to RECOGNIZE these voices
Because if you fail to, you’ll NEVER get what you want and you’ll never achieve anything
So it’s VITAL to take action TODAY!!
Because today, is the beginning of Forever
The present supersedes the past.
Nature loves courage.
And it’ll love you for being courageous ❤️

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