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Gratitude Journal + Productivity Daily Planner

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Excellent quality. Much more than a Gratitude Journal

I purchased to help with my daily gratitude and I found a ton of extra uses for the journal. First, I found myself using the "hour trackers" everyday because I like keeping track of how many hours I put into my skill and I'm interested in seeing my progress towards the 10,000 hour bar. Second, the "monthly reflection" section is quite a gem, because I can see how much progress (or have not progressed) for the previous month. It really helps me to step up my game if I'm falling behind or makes me feel very accomplished if it was a very productive month. Lastly, it has exceptional paper. Writes like butter, doesn't bleed, and feels great on the hand. SImply put, it is just a great paper. Arguably the best paper I've had the chance to write on. The whole notebook just feels so "right". The faux leather has a nice, soft touch to it, and it doesn't weigh a lot, so it's easy to carry around. Overall, very, very impressed and would recommend it to close friends.





WOW! I bought the journal expecting a simple, daily gratitude notebook, but I was blown away by the content and QUALITY! My first impression was how SMOOTH the leather felt. It’s in the middle of being hard/soft and it feels so light!

I can’t quite explain it, it’s something you have to see for yourself. It feels super high quality, but it’s also very light at the same time.

And I LOVE THE PAPER! Super soft and very strong and it doesn’t bleed. I even did a pen test with many different pens and markers to check the bleed level and it passed with flying colors! Barely any ghosting with most pens and just a little ghosting with the Sharpie.

I also like the format and the undated pages, so I can backtrack if I miss a day.

I think it’ll definitely last for the recommended amount. Extremely grateful for the journal. A++ purchase!




Goals, Inspiration, Personal Development and Gratitude

The notebook helps me keep track of my goals, gives me inspiration daily and gets me into a state of gratitude. What more could you ask for?
The content in the beginning of the notebook is quite amazing. It helps with my goal-setting and it really helps me to focus on what’s important in life.
The daily pages (the one’s I use most) are perfectly structured to my liking. And I love writing on the paper. It writes so well, and dries very quickly as well. And it’s eco-friendly so it’s good for the environment!
The seller also sent us a warm welcome message to make sure everything was perfect. Highly recommended product. Thank you so much! You’ve helped me improve in my gratitude 🙂