Lesson 1 Tool: Attention Tracker​

Here's a Video Showing You How to Use the Tool: ​

How to Use

Set a Reminder or Alarm Everything 30 Minutes

Write Down Where Your Attention Went (According to the Categories) Every 30 Minutes.

Make sure you write down what you did the prior 30 minutes and not the future 30 minutes.
Because more often than not, we rarely do what we say we’re going to do.

30 Minute Reminder Apps:
You can also use your Alarm or Reminder on your Phone
That’s it!
That’s your homework and it’ll give you a birds eye view of your time & focus.
After you’ve watched the video and downloaded the tool, make sure to fill out the questionnaire included in the email (only takes 45 seconds).

Download the Tool for Lesson 1

Here’s Your Free Copy of the Attention Tracker ($97 Value)
Go to File —> Make a Copy —> “OK” to Copy to Your Own Drive
This is seriously a game changer if you use it and apply it!
So apply it and improve your focus drastically!
Next Step:
Fill Out the Questionnaire (takes 45 seconds) and Receive Your Next Lesson (Link is in your Email)
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