Always Go First: Being Hyper Proactive

Always GO FIRST.

Reach out first.
Say “Hello” first.
Approach first.
Invite others first.

99% of people ARE NOT PROACTIVE enough.
99% of people will WAIT for someone else to do it.

That’s why 99% of people will NEVER reach their full potential.

By waiting for others to go first:

+ Things will NEVER get started.
+ Events will NEVER be attended.
+ Relationships will NEVER be formed.
+ Businesses will NEVER be created.
+ Experiences will NEVER be realized.
+ Wisdom will NEVER be acquired.
+ Love will NEVER be discovered.
+ Emotions will NEVER be felt.
+ Ideas will NEVER meet reality.

LIFE will NEVER be Fully Lived!

Going first is being the 1%.
Going first is breaking out of the matrix.
Going first is engineering your own destiny.

Going first means you’re GIVING.

It’s intelligence in action.
It’s turning Potential into Kinetic.
Thought into Matter.

It’s courage taking flight 🦋

It’s the Hero – Epitomized.

By going first, by definition you are “leading.”
By leading, by definition you are a LEADER.

Going first is the working definition of LEADERSHIP!

Going first is initiating KARMA.

By going first, you’re taking the red pill – you’ll see the glitch in the matrix.
By going first, you’re quantizing to your ideal, parallel destiny.
By going first, you’re choosing the ONE perfect, GOLDEN universe that exists within an ocean of other countless, DULL multiverses.

You’re Awakening Dormant Miracles.

Life will become a walking, working miracle.

You get ALL THIS by simply,

Fuck your EGO.

And Just Go.

Seoul, August 2023

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