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You searched “Los Angeles SEO Services” or some other variation on Google and found our SEO Services Page.

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We walk the talk and are always up to date on the most important ranking factors on Google.

David Chun
LA seo services

Dear business owners in the Los Angeles area,

My name is David Chun and I’m the Founder & SEO Service Expert at Rebel’s Journey.

I want you to take a moment and imagine if your business ranked #1 on Google.

How incredible would that be?

How much more business would it bring?
How many more people would you serve?

Wouldn’t it bring you a sense of joy or even a feeling of calmness, knowing that your traffic needs are taken care of?

It would bring you peace wouldn’t it?

Take a moment to imagine how much more your business would flourish if you had the best Los Angeles SEO team on your side. You’ll be able to take your newfound extra time and use it to focus on expanding your business, while simultaneously being able to rank on Google to help multiply your profits!

Knowing that there is a team of dedicated SEO experts working tirelessly to get you as many potential clients to your website as possible, the sky’s the limit for your business.

I’ve been involved in SEO since 2010 – that’s over 12 years!

I have the utmost confidence in our team of Los Angeles SEO experts to provide excellent results. Because we put our client’s results front-stage before anything else.

We’ve had an avalanche of experience in reverse engineering what works and what doesn’t, so rest assured, our Los Angeles SEO Service will rank your website on Google’s first page (consistently) with a fully tailored plan that makes sense with your business strategy.

Los Angeles is the 2nd biggest city in the United States sitting at 3,919,973 as of 2022. It’s competitive in this city, and I know because I’ve lived here most of my life.

If you’re not using digital marketing services such as a Los Angeles SEO company for your business, then you’re missing out on a ton of potential clients.

Our Los Angeles SEO Services is designed to help your business generate more leads and bring in more potential clients.

With our service, we help you optimize your business to rank higher in Google, which leads to more traffic for your business, which leads to higher revenues for your company and makes you a proud business owner.

The best part?

We do nearly all the work for you. We will still give you some homework if you want to be more involved in the Search Engine Optimization process.

But we also have an option for a completely hands-off approach.

Our team puts in our best work, and you sit back and watch the traffic come in.

It’s that simple.

But you’ve got to be quick!

We make a deal with our clients that we won’t serve any other similar businesses within a 10-mile radius.

For example, if we are already working with a Dentist in Los Angeles for SEO services, then we won’t serve any other Dentist in LA within a 10-mile radius of our client.

This is different from other Los Angeles SEO agencies that will work with anyone, even competing businesses, just to bring in extra revenue!

Our philosophy is in integrity, ethics, white hat SEO practices, and we have a strong moral compass that will not allow us to do anything that will lose your trust.

I hope we can work together because great businesses deserve to be seen more by the world.

And that’s what we help you to achieve with our SEO Services.

Los Angeles SEO Services:
What’s the ROI?

Did you know that SEO marketing campaigns have an average ROI of 2,200%?

SEO Los Angeles ROI


This means that for every dollar you put in, you’ll be able to generate $22!

Of course, these kinds of results aren’t guaranteed for every business, but just imagine if you even achieved half of this.

That’s still a whopping 1,100% ROI!

Imagine what that would do for your business!

SEO Servicing also beats out social media marketing.

Social media marketing has a measly 95% ROI (still high, to be honest).

Most businesses think that riding this trend of social media will drastically change the future of their business. And while I do believe every business should have social media profiles and expand their marketing efforts, it shouldn’t be their only tool, and it definitely shouldn’t be their main one.

As the data shows, SEO services in Los Angeles will significantly return more on your investment than social media will.

In fact, there was a study that asked 65 different businesses from several different industries what form of marketing they thought was the most effective. These are the results:


Businesses believe that quality SEO has the most impact on their business!

We also have the same belief, because search engine optimization was what made our business thrive and dramatically increase our profits.

And it’s super easy to get started with our Top Los Angeles SEO services.

At Rebel’s Journey, we do all the hard work of Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization for you, so you can focus on your business while you enjoy the fruits of your newfound traffic.

It starts by taking a leap of faith in a long-term partnership.

This is what we mean when we refer to the “rebel’s journey.”

We believe all great things start with a little bit of rebellion from conformity and the average.

We want to bring you extraordinary results, none like anything you’ve ever seen.

This is about Your Journey.

We do everything in our power to flourish your business, so that you may experience this epic journey of a lifetime.

LA SEO Specialists.
No Cookie Cutter Methods

beautiful los angeles seo
Los Angeles SEO Services

We are Los Angeles SEO specialists with a decade of experience with SEO.

  • We don’t focus on PPC.
  • We don’t focus on Facebook Ads.
  • We don’t focus on Social Media.

We are SEO snipers, and it is our main craft and focus.

Other companies dilute their focus by offering 10 other services.

They provide Facebook ad service, and then upsell you with their Instagram page management, and try to sell you on their add-on Google Ads system.

This is not us. We are a digital marketing agency that lasers in on SEO.

While we can provide some of these services if you ask for them (specifically email marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization and funnel building), we always place our SEO process on center stage.

Because as the above data shows, it provides some of the highest ROIs out of all the digital marketing methods. And we have personally experienced this ROI that’s why we’re so passionate to provide the same SEO experience for your business!

We live, breathe, inhale, and devour SEO!

Imagine if you needed heart surgery.

Would you want to go to the general doctor who does a little bit of surgery, a little bit of family care, a little bit of ENT and a little bit of optometry?

If it’s something as serious as heart surgery, wouldn’t you want to go to a heart surgery specialist? And wouldn’t you want it to be done by the best possible heart surgeon (maybe in the world)?


This is why we are proud to call ourselves SEO specialists.

The Spartan’s only occupation was fighting.

Our only occupation is SEO.

If you want to leave your marketing, a crucial part of your business, to a generalist, you might want to re-think this business strategy.

We are also believers in the 80/20 rule, and if you want the most effective marketing channels, in our opinion it would be a combination of SEO and email marketing (we can speak about email marketing in our conversation if you wish).

At Rebel, we always have our hands on the pulse of SEO and will constantly be tweaking our strategies to give you the best results we can.

A majority of other Los Angeles SEO companies use cookie-cutter methods to deliver their SEO services.

This goes against our philosophy of serving our clients with integrity.

We’re here to serve our clients to the deepest of our ability and that requires attention to detail and customization for your business, not a cheap cookie-cutter method that anyone can do for $20 on Fiverr.

And yes, providing custom packages is harder than mass-produced methods.

But that’s what makes us different. We do the hard things for our clients that will scare other SEO companies away.

We believe going above and beyond for our clients is the best way we can add value to your business.

Custom Tailored SEO
Los Angeles Services.
SEO is Our Art.

Craftsmanship goes into every SEO project we undertake.

We like to compare ourselves to a master tailor.

Sure, you can buy a cheaper suit or a dress off the rack, and it might be an okay fit.

But you don’t get the perfect-fit outfit that only a master tailor can make, designed to spec for your exact needs.

Where every single thread of the outfit has been carefully threaded and deliberately thought out and you can just tell by the way it feels, that this is a robust, one-of-a-kind outfit that you can’t get anywhere else.

One that’ll last you years and years, unlike the cheap outfits that you can get at your local retail store.

That’s what we do.

We are master tailors at work for your business success.

We’ve been doing SEO and marketing for over 12 years and it’s in our blood to give great results for your business.

Get Your Free 30-Minute SEO Strategy Session Here

Custom Tailored SEO Services 4

Why the Proper SEO Investment is
Critical for Your Business

As we’ve shown you in the data above, SEO is an ROI game.

And by providing you with a cheap quote, we are doing your business a disservice because it’ll get you the worst return on investment possible.

SEO is a fierce, ongoing competition.

Search engine ranking is not just about being at the top but also to remain at the top.

Let’s assume that there are many competing businesses on top of your results. You’ve got to understand that speed is crucial for success.

If you run at a slow speed, you’ll never catch up to the people in front, because those in front will constantly be working on their SEO to remain at the top.

Your investment in your SEO marketing will ultimately determine your speed and your ranking.

Do you want faster speed? You’ve got to invest more!

Your investment is aligned with time.

It’s similar to a personal trainer.

The more time you spend with your trainer and go to the gym, the more results you’ll see.

You simply cannot get the results you want, if you see your trainer once a month!

LA SEO Trainer 1
Let’s pretend that you want to invest $500 a month in SEO for your LA business. But the people at the top are investing $2,500 a month. How are you supposed to surpass them with that investment?

The numbers just don’t work out.

But the opposite is also true.

Imagine your competition is only investing $500 a month, whereas you are investing $2,500.

You’ll have a total, and utter competitive advantage because you have speed on your side.

So you’ve got to be able to invest a proper amount to get great results.

I mean, this is your business we’re talking about! You should be able to invest enough to secure a bountiful harvest in the future.

If you can invest $2,500 a month, that can open up many opportunities for you to rise on the SERPs and exponentially grow your business.

Imagine having the potential traffic to generate an additional $10,000 – $70,000 coming in for your business.

Isn’t that an excellent return on your investment?

The real question is: 

How badly do you want your business to thrive?

If you’re looking for a $500/month Los Angeles SEO Service, then we’re not a good fit for your business.

As stated above, your investment in SEO is a major indicator of search engine success.

You simply cannot rank if you want “affordable” SEO.

We like to think of ourselves as your Los Angeles SEO fiduciary.

And as your fiduciary, we will tell you the hard truths about what will and will not work.

For those not willing to invest in the future of their business, we simply cannot take you on as our client.

We simply do not onboard businesses that don’t understand this philosophy.

If you only invest five, six, or seven hundred dollars a month into your SEO efforts, you won’t get a great ROI.

It just isn’t enough to move the ranking needle.

Nor will you get the speed of results that people with higher investments will receive.

So our price and this message are actually a filter for those that are looking for instant gratification and looking for shortcuts.

We’re not looking for that kind of relationship.

What we are looking for is a flywheel of positive results for both you and us.

A total win-win from every angle.

Over the last 12+ years, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve seen a beautiful and gradual increase in business for those who have invested a proper amount.

And on the other side, we’ve seen how the lack of investment leads to poor results and the frustration that comes with an ineffective investment strategy.

As your fiduciary, it is our responsibility that we don’t waste your money or your time for some sub-par results.

So in order to better serve our clients, it is imperative that we charge the rates that we do.

Not doing so, will be a huge mistake on our part, for allowing such a disservice to our fellow entrepreneurs.

Look at it like this:

Say you wanted to hire an in-house SEO employee for your business, how much would you pay this employee?

$80,000? $120,000?

Sure, those salary numbers are normal for an in-house digital marketer.

You wouldn’t even think twice about paying them that much.

But what’s not normal, is the idea of hiring an SEO specialist, who lives and breathes SEO with a team of other expert SEOs, and expecting them to meet your business goals with an insufficient marketing budget of $10,000 a year.

In that context, it makes sense to invest more in your business, wouldn’t it?

Plus, hiring an employee comes with tons of headaches, and if they don’t live up to their expectations, firing an employee is another burden on the shoulder that you’d have to deal with.

With us, if you don’t like our services for any reason, you have the choice not to extend the contract. No hard feelings. But with the results we bring you, I think you’ll want us to stick around.

That is why we have the prices we have.

We’ve been in the SEO game for 12+ years and there’s nothing we haven’t seen. There is no online SEO training, no SEO plugin, no website hosting, and no cookie-cutter SEO agency that can match the power of our in-house team of SEO virtuosos.

To be honest, it’s not even a fair game when you have the power of our team at your side.

LA SEO Businesses 7
LA SEO Businesses 5
LA SEO Businesses 6

This is how Google works
for SEO Marketing

SEO Services Plant 4
SEO Services Plant 5

Throughout the years, we’ve seen it all.

All the Google updates and algorithm changes.

The highs, the lows.

We won’t confuse you with the technical jargon, but the SEO strategy that has stood the test of time, is a long-term, natural strategy.

We want to give Google what they want.

We believe in long-term and delaying gratification.

Even the way Google’s algorithm is constructed is based on time delays.

They’ve taken a playbook right out of nature and injected it into the core of their machine-learning algorithm.

Take an example from nature:

Let’s say you bought some seeds for your garden to grow some plants.

SEO Services Plant 3
If you wanted this plant to grow, what would your strategy be?

The plant needs water and sunlight, but most importantly of all, it needs the ingredient of Time.

You can’t just feed the plant 10 gallons of water with bright sunlight hoping it’ll grow faster. Nature just doesn’t work that way.

It’s the same with Google’s algorithm. It’s akin to nature.

Most people try to take shortcuts and seek instant gratification, only to find out that the shortcut is actually the long cut. This leads to having all your rankings wiped out because Google decided to punish you.

You’ve got to be patient and embrace the fruits of Google’s time delay.

And the great thing is,

When you do get the results, you get exponential results!

Out of nowhere, you’ll achieve numerous top-page rankings all across the board!

You’ve just gotta let time do its thing.

Go here to start a call

Los Angeles SEO Experts:
The SEO Chess Game

Remember, it’s always about the long game.

Jim Collins, the business research magnate, reports that companies that are Built to Last, always operate their business with the long-term in mind.

Los Angeles SEO Services Book
Great book, highly recommended read.

He reports that there is a difference between Time-telling and Clock-building.

Time-telling is equivalent to seeking out instant gratification and instant profits.

And things that are good for the short term, are usually not good for the long term.

Things like drinking alcohol, eating a sugary snack, and ripping off a client by not serving them as best as they could.

Clock-Building is based on the idea of long-term growth and lasting through many generations.

Clock-building is slowly deepening your roots so that you have the right foundations to grow a gigantic and beautiful plant.

Fruits of SEO Services 5
Examples could be investing in long-term marketing for your business, investing in a stock you believe in, and working out at the gym.

Take the example of a Super Grandmaster chess player.

Search Engine Optimization Chess 1
The moves they make at the moment, might not make sense for the common player.

But that’s because the grandmaster is thinking 20-30 moves ahead and that one move, in the beginning, could be a sacrifice for the win that’ll come 30 moves down the line.

That’s how this game should be played.

We know that if you put your trust in us, give us a little bit of time (because Google rankings take a few months), and be patient, we believe we can do some amazing work for you.

Let’s do some amazing work together, my friend.

Because I believe in adding value to the world, and this is one big way I know how.

If you’ve read this far, I think we’re kindred spirits,

And I know you want to add value and contribute to the world as well.

So let’s make a dent in the Universe together, my friend.

Seeya on the other side.

“…it is about building something that is worthy of lasting – about building a company of such intrinsic excellence that the world would lose something important if that organization ceased to exist.”
Jim Collins

3 Steps
to Rocket Your Profits with SEO

When I first got into SEO 12 years ago, I went all-in on it.
I decided very early on that I wanted to be the best at what I do.

And here I am today, having ranked countless sites.

And you know what? What worked the best, wasn’t a complex SEO tiered system, it wasn’t layering backlinks into tiers and having the link juice drip down. It wasn’t the blackhat SEO techniques that Google will eventually crack down on.

It was absolutely SIMPLICITY. Simple was what worked, and I believe will continue to work for many years to come. It really works – you’ve just got to trust the process.

That’s why we have a simple 3 step system to get you started:


Schedule a Call

If you want increased profits and want your business to thrive, then you’ve got to increase your traffic. And a time-tested way of increasing traffic is through SEO. Let’s schedule your future.


Tailored SEO Strategy

In our call, we’ll talk about your goals and outline a plan to get there.
By the end of our talk, you’ll have a rough blueprint to increase your profits for your business through SEO!


Higher Rankings!

Let’s soar your website in Google and get you floods of incoming traffic and potential leads. Overtime, your ROI will start to skyrocket and you’ll soon see the rewards of your harvest.

SEO Los Angeles Pricing:
Our Special Campaign

Visionary Plan


Ideal for corporate level businesses and venture-backed startups who want to skyrocket their trust & authority with Google.

With the budget for this plan, we’ll be able to crack the atmosphere of Google. This plan, helps us become Clock Builders. Clock-Building is based on the ideas of Jim Collins.

It’s about building a business (SEO footprint) so powerful, that it’ll last through many, many generations to come.

We place long-term vision at the centerpiece of this SEO strategy. We have mountain-high visions, just like you.

This project, includes the highest-level of service we can possible offer.
If this plan, calls out to you, then maybe we’re kindred spirits, destined to partner up…

Our Regular SEO Campaigns:

Having trouble deciding on a Tailored SEO package? Contact us today and one of our Los Angeles SEO consultants will guide you through your decision. You can also contact us by scheduling a call below.

Built to Last

Ideal for Large Businesses, E-commerce, E-Learning, Coaches & Consultants.


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $5,997/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.


Ideal for Big Cities
& Competitive Keywords


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $4,497/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.


Idea for Small Cities
& Local Business


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $2,497/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.

At any given time now, these prices will increase.
If you get in now, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price you see here.

SEO Ignition


Ideal for Brand New Websites & Businesses.

Congrats! You’ve launched your brand new website, now what?
Now, it’s essential to start SEO now, because the faster you can start SEO for your site, the more powerful your website will become over the years.

Your website is equivalent to the body of a gorgeous-looking car. It’s beautifully design and great for the eyeballs, but it doesn’t function without a powerful engine. Our Los Angeles SEO Jumpstart package functions as the engine for your website and it’s a powerful introduction into the realm of Search “Engine” Optimization (pun intended). This package is a one time fee and it builds the foundations of your SEO Engine, which everything else can be built upon.

This is the beginning in your journey of generating leads and creating real profits for your business.
It’s perfect for those, that may not be ready for a long-term contract, but want a glimpse at our services.
Although this package is great to start your SEO ignition, our monthly packages are geometrically more powerful.

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Pinging Your Site
  • ALT Tag Optimization
  • Optimize Titles & Descriptions
  • Add Your Business to Google Maps
  • Local Directories Inclusion
  • Re-directs, If Needed
  • SEO Plugin Installation
  • Speed Plugin Installation
  • DNS Optimization with Cloudflare
  • Cache Optimization
  • Google Page Insights Testing & Tweaking
  • Social Share Buttons

*This price is based on a 5 page website. Each additional page is $200 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization.

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means ranking your website in the search engines such as Google. This is known as organic traffic. By organic, it means that we are not paying for traffic like through pay-per-click ads, but rather getting our traffic naturally without ads.

How much does SEO cost?

We can’t answer this directly as we would need to assess your business thoroughly to figure this cost out.

But I’ll tell you one thing:

With 12+ years of SEO under our belt, one of the biggest reasons most SEO projects fail (maybe this is you in the past too) is because an SEO company fails to properly analyze the amount of work needed to get great SEO results and an excellent ROI.

That being said, we have Full-SEO packages that range from $1,500 – $10,000+ with a three-month contract minimum. We require this minimum because with SEO it takes a bit of time and you can start seeing the fruits of our labor usually by month 2-3.

How long does SEO take?

This depends on many factors including your website and if you’ve had SEO done for your site before. The older your site and the older your backlinks, usually the less amount of time is required to elevate your rankings.

It also depends on your competition.
A blanket rule of thumb is that most sites sitting on page 2 or 3 of Google can be raised to the first page in about 3 months.

For brand new websites, it can take closer to 6+ months for first page results and this also depends on the keywords.

However, during this gradual rise, your traffic and leads should gradually increase, but real wins are once you get into the top half of the first page of Google

What is the ROI on SEO?

SEO value is so underrated. Look at these stats to give you a general idea of the average ROI of SEO.

We’ve seen businesses get over 20x ROI over the span of a few years.
And the real value of SEO can be seen in the long term because the traffic and leads that come from SEO can last for a very, very long time.

An example: with a tailored 12-month SEO campaign, you might see a 20x ROI in profits once the 12-month project is complete.

But even if you decide not to renew our SEO services for the next 12 months after that, you might see a 40x ROI because you’re not spending any more money on SEO! Talk about massive long-term ROI!

But of course, we encourage you to continue our SEO journey together, so we can tackle more keywords and maintain your rankings on Google.

Can you get my business to #1 on Google?

We will, to the best of our ability, put in every effort to get you to the top of the SERPs and flood your website with new, organic traffic from Google.

It’s better to focus on the RIGHT keywords, than just chasing a bad term for #1.

If #1 is possible for the right investment, we’ll pour everything we have to help get you there and achieve your SEO goals.

If I stop doing SEO, will my rankings drop?

SEO is akin to getting in shape. If you’ve been going to the gym for 1 year, you’ll be in great shape. Even if you stop going for a few months, you’ll still maintain your figure. But as time goes by, you’ll need to maintain your health.

Same with SEO. If you don’t work on it for a long time, your rankings might drop and you’ll need some adjusting.

Even though the work we put in is long-term and nearly permanent, a competitor might come in and overtake your rankings.

That’s why continued maintenance is important. And if you’d like to extend your contract or start your SEO project up again, simply let us know and we’ll get it cranking once again.

SEO has never worked for me before. Why are you different?

Here are a few reasons why:

1 – You worked with a general marketing agency, website designer, web developer or a beginner.

SEO is similar to brain surgery. It’s a skill set that requires attention to detail and it is a very niche skill that only a few people truly possess. It also takes years of experience to know what truly works and what doesn’t.

A lot of marketing agencies or web design firms will offer you local SEO as a service, yet this is only an add-on and they don’t truly have the in-depth skill needed to rank your site. Sure, they’re good at design, programming and general marketing, but would you really want your web designer doing your off-page SEO?

If you had a brain problem, would you go to your generalist doctor or would you go to a brain surgeon who’s had 12 years of experience? Well, the latter is us :).

2 – The SEO company didn’t know what they were doing

This is very common. You might have been sold to by an 18-year-old who took a cheap course on SEO and decided to sell their services. They think they can learn as they go along, and unfortunately, they persuade many business owners that they know what they’re doing when in actuality they have no experience.

No amount of Youtube videos, eBooks or online courses can match the real-life experience of being in the trenches of search engine optimization.

We’ve had our elbows in the mud for a decade plus, dissecting every piece of SEO and that’s why we’re confident in our ability to help your business.

3 – The company you worked with, didn’t provide enough work to beat your competitors

If your budget was $500 or $800 in the past for SEO work, then most likely there wasn’t enough work or resources to rank for tough keywords. I love this saying: “If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you work with an amateur.”

You MUST have proper budgeting or else it’s a waste of time & money for both the SEO company and the client. Having successful SEO requires having a large enough investment and using correct SEO strategies that work for the modern day.

4 – You were scammed

Sorry to hear, but scammers exist in every industry. This is why our company has core tenets of integrity, honesty, and client obsession. We absolutely cherish our relationship with our clients so we go out of our way to build that trust with you.

Would I need to sign a contract?

Yes. Although we hate contracts, in the past we’ve had some bad clients who didn’t pay us for our marketing services, so this is our reason for the contracts. It is also to make sure both our team and our client are on the same page.

How can I get started?

1 – Fill in the form (link) for a free consultation and marketing strategy

2 – We’ll have a quick chat over Zoom or on the phone to discuss your investment budget and the best SEO strategy for your business. I’ll then send you a questionnaire to fill out (takes about 10-minutes to fill out) and when complete, our team of SEO specialists will take care of everything SEO. You can simply continue to run your business as normal.

Can you design my website?

Yes, this service is available. But because of the complexity and unique needs of each individual business, you would need to speak to us on Zoom, before we give you a quote. A business might need a simple 3 page site, whereas another business might need 20-30 pages. If you’re interested in web design for your business, then please go here to schedule a call with us!

Do you offer paid advertising services?

No, we don’t. However, we can provide our expertise on the overall internet marketing picture to give you a sense if PPC is right for your local services.

Do you manage Social Media accounts?

Sorry, we’re not the type of company to help you with this. Again, our main digital marketing strategy lies in search engine optimization.

What kind of reporting will I receive?

Every month, you’ll get a ranking report that shows your progress in the search results.

This will give you assurance, that although you may not see a ton of new clients in the early months, your business is indeed progressing every single week.

This will also show our efforts and showcase that we will do everything in our ability to get your business to the top of Google.

Do you have any guarantees for your SEO Service?

There is no SEO company in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world that can guarantee #1 Google rankings.

Many online marketing agencies guarantee that they can get you a number-one ranking, but no one will know that for sure. Only Google has the power to make that decision.

I usually find that there is a high correlation between marketing companies that guarantee top rankings and businesses with shady and poor ethical practices.

Even Google themselves says to stay away from any internet marketing agency that can promise #1 rankings.

My guarantee and promise is this:

I will pour my heart & soul into getting you the rankings you deserve. No other team will work harder for your results than we do.

That’s what we can promise.

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

SEO isn’t dead, but over the years, Google has made many changes to its algorithm. Black hat SEO that may have worked many years ago, may now kill your rankings so you must have honest SEO practices in place to get results.

Google now works as a machine learning program and with its newly implemented RankBrain, it is a totally different beast than a decade ago.

That’s why you need a Leading SEO team that has a pulse on Google to help you with SEO and bring traffic to your website.

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