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If you want to skip the review and purchase right away, you can go here for the best wordpress hosting on the planet.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably looking for a good host to build your website on 😀

I want to share a secret web hosting of mine, that I’m quite delighted with.

It’s not a popular one.

Nor do I want it to be too popular.

Because I’m a little selfish in the sense that if it becomes too popular I’m scared they’ll start to sacrifice on quality and stop being so friggin good 😊

Because quality to me is so much more important than quantity.

Why do I consider this hosting company to be the Best AND Fastest Managed Wordpress Hosting on the internet?

I’ll make my case throughout the post.

And I think by the time I’m finished..

You perception will have been shifted a little bit..

And come to agree that WPX does indeed service TOP wordpress hosting.

And maybe, you’ll just find yourself a little bit..

Mind Blown 😎

This Premium Wordpress Hosting is a RARE Gem 💎. A Miracle Find.

And I think it’s important to have a trustworthy, reliable and AMAZING host because it creates a solid foundation for your blog to rest on.

One that’ll help you encapsulate your blog, your story, your gift to the world.

That’s what a web hosting is for me: A Foundation for your Passion to Live Online

This amazing blog hosting is called:

WPX Hosting

This site, RebelsJourney.com is also powered by WPX.

The 80/20 Quick Rundown


  • Plaid Mode Speed Hosting – The Fastest Wordpress Hosting I have EVER used at ANY price.
  • 30 Second Customer Support Response – Not exaggerating; they respond in SECONDS


  • Can be a little pricey for those starting out (for beginners, I would recommend SiteGround, as an alternative. I wrote a review on it here)
  • Not ideal for MONSTER websites that get over 500,000s visitors a month. (try Kinsta for those websites)

Table of Contents

⚡️ A Solid Foundation - 2 Recommended Web Hosting
⚡️ Customer Obsession
⚡️ Brief Overview


⚡️ Uptime
⚡️ Website Speed
⚡️ Server Speed
⚡️ Why is WPX so Fast?
⚡️ WPX Security
⚡️ Best Website Hosting Backend
⚡️ World Class Support - TrustPilot Reviews
⚡️ WPX Hosting Plans Overview
⚡️ Conclusion - Is this the Best Managed Wordpress Hosting?

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

By the time you finish reading this post, I hope you’ll have found the perfect home for your small business or blog to rest on.

Everyone wants web hosting for different reasons.

One size doesn’t fit all.

You might want to start a blog, a company, upgrade from your old host, want a place to showcase your photo gallery, or find the best web hosting for your small business.

You may be just starting out and need a cheaper host..

Or you may be looking for a host to help drive millions of visitors to your website.

Whatever it is, let me help you make that decision

At the time being, there are only 2 web hosting companies I currently recommend:

My first recommendation is WPX Hosting. They are hands down the best wordpress web hosting company I have ever used.

My second recommendation, especially if you are starting out and on a budget is:


There is one more that I would look out for down the road and that’s Kinsta.

The reason I don’t fully recommend them, is that they are not cheap and it’s only for websites with huge traffic.

They are not for the ordinary hero. 😀

It takes a heroic wallet to be hosted on Kinsta 😎

And I currently don’t have a need to host my website on there, because the WPX is perfect for my needs.

Let me take you through some of the most important features in WPX, their pricing plans and walk you through their pros and cons (it’s not 100% perfect…just almost..😄)

My goal is to help you make up your mind before you buy blog hosting with WPX.

If you’re like me, I really cherish my website because it’s the centralized place for my creations to live and so I really want a reliable host.

And I know that you’re searching…

Searching for that PERFECT Home…

And so you’ve come across my review.

I hope what I present to you..

Can end that search 🙂

The perfect home awaits your ownership…

Let’s take a look at the review…

My WPX Review - Better than WP Engine?

I usually never write reviews. I just make recommendations and say a few pros and cons about them.

But if something is really special..

I just have a tendency to really rave about the service or business…

This is that in-depth rave 😆

And it happens from time to time…

But it’s really rare for me to find companies that have OUTSTANDING business principles.

They really have what Jeffo Bezos calls Customer Obsession.

Meaning they will do ANYTHING to make the customer satisfied.

Whenever I encounter such businesses, I always quietly say in my mind:

THIS is how a business should be run!”

It’s kinda like the first time you find out about Tesla or SpaceX…

And you think to yourself…

WOW! 😮

THIS is what a car should be like!


AND good for the world! 🙏

THIS is what a rocket company should be like!

Taking us to other worlds…

And making us explorers and pioneers once again.

And of course with WPX hosting:

THIS is like the best website hosting for small business ever!

It makes you really buy into the BELIEF.

Belief in a business, an idea, an art: to make an impact in the world.

A closer X-Ray of WPX..

The Anatomy of a Rocket Hosting Provider

⚡️ Beyond Ludicrous Speed
⚡️ Reliability
⚡️ Trustworthy
⚡️ Cost Efficient
⚡️ Free SSL Certificates
⚡️ Seamless Backend
⚡️Sublime Customer Service – Like having your own concierge team – Ready to respond in seconds!

We will be taking a closer look at all of them in the WPX review.

Some essential ingredients of a reliable hosting:

You want your site to be live right?

On front end, back end AND across the globe.

It doesn’t matter if your site is fast in California, when most of your visitors are in New York or London.


SSL Certificates and taking your site from http:// to httpS://

Makes a WORLD of difference in today’s world. Google loves https, Facebook loves https, the internet loves https 🙂

Automatic Backups made to the site are also a BIG plus.


IF something goes wrong with your site, you need support to respond within minutes, not hours.

We’re looking for a helicopter ambulance for your website in case of emergencies and every second counts…

I also look for:

Customer Login (Backend for the customer)

Most hosting companies use Cpanel as their default backend.

I have personally used Cpanel for ages, so I have no problems with it, but a lot of people don’t like Cpanel because it’s too complicated and hard to navigate.

I like something simple, minimalistic and HIGHLY efficient.

The Details






WPX claims an uptime of 99.95

And in real-life actual usage, I have NEVER seen my website go down.


I have been with WPX for over 5 years and never have I experienced my site being down.

If on a rare occasion they have a server upgrade, they will email you in advanced to let you know that they will be down for a short period of time to upgrade your server.

Which is a good thing because you are getting increased speed 

Website Speed

This is probably my favorite 😄

And probably the reason you’re reading this WPX hosting review

The one thing I hate when I visit a website is how SLOW some websites take to load

I cherish my time, so having a slow website is a disservice for the people you’re trying to serve..

I might sound like a spoiled, instant gratification maniac, but hear me out..

I know it might be just seconds…

But if you add up those seconds with hundreds of visitors

Those seconds add up to minutes…

And then to hours..

And you get the point 😎

I don’t want to be wasting people’s time. It’s kinda like you have an appointment with your visitors and they are waiting for you to arrive.

Why Wordpress Hosting Speed is critical to your website?

Aside from the obvious, a fast host will:

⚡️ Rank you HIGHER in the search engines and therefore increase traffic to your site
⚡️ Lower your bounce rates, so users stay longer on your site instead of causing frustration
⚡️ Higher page view numbers, because your site loads so fast and smoothly
⚡️ And everybody just loves speed in today’s digital world.

We all wants things instantly ☺️

Speed results

First, let me give you the results of the WEBSITE SPEED tests.

And then I’ll give you the results of the SERVER SPEED tests.

These are two different things

First the website speed

The typical website speed sites are:


Everyone says that Pingdom is more accurate, and I also agree.

With Pingdom you can actually choose a server location to test from, so you can test how your site performs GLOBALLY

..versuses GTMetrix which only tests your site from their server in Vancouver, Canada.

But let’s test both

You can also test it for yourself by going to the individual sites and type in our website:

You can witness first hand how fast WPX hosting is 😎


I have NOT optimized my site to be very fast.

I am just using the default W3C cache that WPX has provided me with, and have activated their Cloud CDN (more on this later)

No other optimizations.

AND, I am HEAVILY using a lot of plugins.

At the time of this writing, I currently run 43 plugins!

That is A LOT!

Even with the plugins, the site is still pretty speedy 😄

Let’s take a look at the score

This is my score on GTMetrix:

2.7 Load Time

I’ve tested it multiple times to make sure there were no flukes.

It averages to around these marks.

Also, ignore the homepage that was a filler I setup for the test.

And YES, I know, I know..

I could optimize my site a bit more 😅

This goes to show that even WITHOUT optimization, you can achieve some incredible speeds.

These are scores from Pingdom.

I tested on both the West and East side of USA

These are pics of probably the more relevant Locations:

North America – Washington D.C

North America – San Francisco

United Kingdom – London

Asia – Tokyo, Japan

I’ve tested them MANY times across the world.

I tested on both the West and East side of USA

London, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Almost the entire world 😊

I’ve taken screenshots of each, but if you want the quick numbers here they are:

US East – Washington D.C
858 ms

US West – San Fransisco
1.4 seconds

Asia – Tokyo, Japan
2.47 seconds

South America – São Paulo, Brazil
2.08 seconds

Australia – Sydney
2.05 seconds

United Kingdom – London
2.13 seconds

In the pictures I showed the important numbers which are the load speed, requests, and page size (which should be constant)

These are just averages.

The worst test result I got from several tests was from South America:

6.04 seconds

The best test results I got was from East US – Washington DC

858 ms

Also note that the FIRST test is usually the MOST accurate. Because I think if you test again from the same server, they actually CACHE your website, so the second, third and further tests will load faster.

I seem to get a faster result the more I test it from the same server.

I think the cache resets after a day or so.

If you want to see MORE test results and test results compared to other hosting, you can check out Matthew Woodwards blog where he did a COMPREHENSIVE speed test for many different web hosts.

SUPERFAST high-end new SSD servers deliberately UNDERloaded for high performance under extreme traffic loads (e.g. email marketing broadcasts, product launches)

Website Speed Test Final Thoughts

Evidence really shows that WPX hosting, completely leaves other managed Wordpress hosting like WP Engine in the dust.

ESPECIALLY, the speed at different locations ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

Server Speed

Testing a website speed is like testing the aerodynamics of a car.

Testing the server speed is the actual ENGINE of the car.

Equally important.

Let’s take a look at the server speeds of WPX.

We used https://www.bitcatcha.com to test our server speeds.

Again, I have tested it multiple times to make sure there were no flukes.

Test #1

fastest wordpress hosting 1

Test #2

Test #3

fastest wordpress hosting 2

Look at that 1 ms speed on US West and 3 ms speed on US East 😍

I’ve said it before, but I keep noticing that 2nd and 3rd tests are ALWAYS faster with these speed testing websites.

My theory is that once you have tested it once, it gets cached so you get a bit of a boost of hosting speed on subsequent runs.

But nonetheless, across the board we are getting some INSANE speed.

...across the board we are getting some INSANE speed.

Why is WPX so Fast...?

Introducing Cloud CDN from WPX.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network

CDN is a network of servers that deliver the website to the user based on their LOCATION.

A CDN will put your website and content in multiple locations providing a faster experience for your visitors.

The closer someone is to the SERVER location, the FASTER the website will load.

For example, if you are across the street from the servers of WPX in Los Angeles, then the website will load WAY faster for you than someone who is trying to load their website from Japan.

See it as a cellphone tower.

The closer you are to the cellphone tower, the better reception you get.

The closer you are to the WiFi router, the faster internet access you will have.

Web hosting companies usually do not provide their own CDN networks.

Instead they suggest that the user sign up for CloudFlare CDN, which is a free alternative.

And it is a decent service, especially considering that it is free..

But to get the real perks of CloudFlare, you need to pay for the more advanced services.

…you need to pay for the more advanced services.

Which means…

It’ll cost you More Money 😥

But at WPX they provide their OWN, top-notch CDN service, which comes with ALL their hosting plans:

Cloud CDN

WPX’s cloud CDN distributes your content across MANY different web servers ALL OVER THE WORLD, so that your website will be super speedy no matter where a user accesses your website.

Terry Kyle, the CEO of WPX said, “other hosts tend to rely on 3rd party CDNs and probably have very little to no flexibility for fine-tuning those external services”.

I asked one of their support team, where their cluster of servers are located.

And the support team was kind enough to give me the list 😊

WPX CDN location list:

New Jersey
Los Angeles
Silicon Valley
Pune, India
Sao Paulo, Brasil

They also said that they are still adding more servers 🙂

I have also received an email from Terry Kyle, the CEO saying that they are upgrading their systems to the new PHP 7.3 platform.

This is what the email read:

“We are one of the first hosts to have enabled PHP 7.3 (the underlying technology behind WordPress) on all our servers. On average, this new version provides a 10% speed increase over PHP 7.2 and even more compared to older versions.

All you need to know is that PHP 7.3 is the newest, safest, fastest tech you can treat your websites to.”

Really shows that they are Constantly improving their services for their customers.

Web Hosting Security

SSL Certificates have now become common sense when signing up for a web host.

It has been more imperative than ever to make sure you have the “S” in the httpS://

Not only does it make your sites faster and faster, but search engines, and social media platforms also prefer the https:// over the non-secure http://

WPX hosting boasts that they provide UNLIMITED Google Sponsored SSL Certificates for FREE..

And all installed and active in under 10 seconds!

It’s true.

I’ve tested it:

best website hosting ssl

DDoS protection

DDoS protection means you are protected from hackers trying to get your login info and password by using BruteForce.

If something suspicious is suspected, then DDoS protection will kick in, and you will be protected from hacks.

If something suspicious is suspected, then DDoS protection will kick in, and you will be protected from hacks.


If you EVER come across a problem for you website..

They ACTUALLY help you instead of pointing you to an article or video:

“FIXED FOR YOU” Guarantee:

Unlike old-school hosting company support that sends you a link to an article when you get into technical trouble & expects you to fix the issue, we do it for you, FAST & FREE (and we can still send you an article link if you want!).

Best Website Hosting Backend

Let’s talk about the backend a little bit.

In the past, my hosts have always used Cpanel for website backends.

Cpanel is good and all, but there is just so much fluff in the backend of Cpanel.

95% of the things on there I don’t use.

With WPX hosting, they really take a minimum approach and everything that you REALLY need is all there on their use to easy to navigate and easy to use dashboard

wpx hosting dashboard

28 Day Automatic backups that are done on autopilot.

So even if you forget to do a backup, they’ve got you covered.

wordpress hosting backups

1 Click Wordpress Installations

You just click a button, and BOOM you have wordpress installed on your site.

Also works for installing SSL certificates and WPX Cloud.

One click and BOOM you have safe and secure SSL on your site and you have ludicrous speed WPX Cloud

wpx cloud activate
WPX Cloud CDN One Click Activation

Also, if you have ANY problems during the installation..

You have access to a customer support chat who WILL respond in 30 seconds or less.

I have timed it..

And EVERY single friggin time, they respond in seconds.


A HUGE Plus here, is that they have the CANCEL SERVICE button front and center on their dashboard.

With just a few clicks you can cancel your service at any time, if you no longer have a need for web hosting.

fastest web host cancel

That shows true confidence in their service.

And it really gives you an ease of mind, because you are free of concern.

After you try out the service, and if you don’t think the hosting is for you, then a few clicks and BOOM.

Cancelled service.

No hassles.

❤️ World Class Support ❤️

Let me just say one thing.

If you run a business, or have some sort of support system or work in customer service…

Then you must take notes from this company.

Just to witness this top-notch support team is worth the price of the monthly cost.

Their support is INSANE. Everything just works so seamlessly and smooth.

PLUS, an extremely Technical and Knowledgable support team.

They aren’t just the Fastest Wordpress Hosting..

They are also Fast at response.

They have PLAID mode support response.

0-60 MPH in 1.9…

err…maybe 30 seconds 😄

At any time you have a question, you can just click on the Chat icon on the bottom right of the screen and within SECONDS a customer representative will respond.

I have tested and used their support many times.

EVERY TIME is takes seconds.

Not minutes, not hours…


wpx customer support

…you must take notes from this company.

Not only that but they have solved, some complicated hard technical issues for me on the fly.

The chat representatives are extremely knowledgable and incredibly tech saavy.

And if for some reason they are not able to solve the problem, they pass the support ticket along to something who CAN solve the problem.

And usually it is solved within a few short hours 😀

Here are a few examples of what they have been able to solve for me:

Website Migration

I’ve asked them for website migration a few times.

They actually have a dedicated page for website migration, so moving your website to their hosting is flawless.

SSL Issue

I was having an issue with SSL on my website and they were able to solve the problem within a few hours.

Increase Wordpress Upload Limit

I wanted to temporary increase the wordpress upload limit, because I wanted to upload a video that was over 5 GB.

They were able to help me out instantly.

Gsuite Setup

They were able to help me setup Gsuite for a website and helped me to setup MX records properly.

Anything and EVERYTHING I threw at them they were able to solve.

I don’t think there was EVER an issue that wasn’t solved within 24 hours.

They have IMPECCABLE service.

WPX Hosting’s 24/7/365 Support Team AVERAGE under 30 seconds response time, according to Live Chat Inc (the independent live chat platform used by WPX Hosting)

best wordpress hosting support

I seriously think they should win some kind of award for their service.

They even have a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot for their service:

WPX Hosting

Compared to the “popular” blog hosts:

Blue Host

wordpress hosting trustpilot bluehost


I DO NOT recommend use these two companies btw.

I’ve used both of these companies for MANY years..

I’ve hosted personal blogs and businesses on these two hosting companies.

And from my experience of using both these companies for many years…

Let’s just say it wasn’t the best experience 😉

If you’re looking for cheap and cost effective and VALUE for the price then you can check out SiteGround for a low cost wordpress hosting. They are infinitely better than the above two.

To conclude, WPX Hosting Support is TOP Notch.

They are GeekSquad of Web Hosting.

Truly Amazing 😍

The WPX Hosting Plans

WPX comes with 3 different hosting plans.

Business, Professional and Elite.

They all come with their special “Staging Area.”

This is where you can TEST a version of your site, but don’t want to go quite live yet until all the fine tweaks have been made.

A ‘Staging Area’ where you can merge your Staging site version with the Live site version WITHOUT losing new blog comments or post/page changes on the Live site since the Staging version was created

You can also CHOOSE which server location you want to be hosted on:

USA or United Kingdom

This website, rebelsjourey.com is hosted on the Professional plan.

I’ve had both the Business and Professional plan for MANY years and loved them both 

And honestly speed wise, you can’t tell the difference.

The only reason to upgrade to the professional plan, is if you have more than 5 websites, or have a big increase in traffic.

They also have Yearly Plans if you want to save some money.

I would recommend starting with the Business Plan for $24.99 plan and get a taste for what their hosting is like.

See if you like them.

And THEN, if you fall in love with their service, you can upgrade to the higher tiers 

You can even upgrade/downgrade with a click of a button:

wpengine hosting killer

Like I said before, they also have a no hassle cancellation button right in the middle of their dashboard so you every power in you to cancel if you wish.

But you probably won’t 

Some customer testimonials from Facebook:

If you’re ready, you can try them out here:

Click Here for the Fastest Wordpress Managed Hosting

Conclusion - Best Managed Wordpress Hosting?

I’ve been in the internet website game for a good 15 years of my life.

I’ve always “settle” for just OKAY hosting, because they got the job done.

But it always frustrated me that whenever I had a problem I needed to wait a few days or so for a response.

The slow website speed didn’t help either.

But then something comes along and disrupts the game..

The Tesla’s

The Uber’s

The AirBnB’s.

WPX Hosting is a game changer.

Not a game piece.

Not a game player.

A game maker.

A category on it’s own.

I recommend this host for your small business, for your blog, to show the world your art, to give your audience the gift of your written word and ultimately for you to CREATE, for you to DO, and for you to BE the BEST Version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Let your light shine my friend.

Talk soon.


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