7 Best Website Builders – Squarespace, Wix, Elementor & More [Revealed]

Choosing the best website builder for you can be a monumental task as there are SO many options out there nowadays.

In this guide, I’m going to help you make the best decision so that you have the perfect website builder that is tailored for your specific needs.


Super easy, drag and drop editor with beautiful themes.Join 100+ million other sites and create your own!


A personal favorite and the one used on this site! Offers the most customization out of all the website builders.


Great for beginners and if you don't know any code. Popular among influencers and Youtubers. Great editor overall.


An all-in-one solution that provides a great free version builder. Awesome for bloggers and first time builders.

Zyro Best Website Builders Logo


Very well-rounded editor because it does many things well. Awesome templates and great customer support to get started.

I’ll be comparing:

  • The best free and cheap website builders
  • Best website builders for small businesses
  • Best website builders for e-commerce
  • The ones that have the best SEO
  • Easiest website builders for beginners
  • And the best options for creators, photographers and artists

Let’s do this.

The Best Website Builder?

In a nutshell, by utilizing a drag and drop website building system for your online business, you have the power of coding beautiful websites…well, without the coding.

Nowadays, these website builders come with all the advanced tools you need to make the perfect website for your business.

Even if you have no idea how to code, or can’t come up with a CSS code to save your life, with easy drag and drop editors, you’ll be in good hands.

Here are my personal picks for the best website builder to use this year.

#1 - Wix

Best Website Builders for Small Business
(Free or starting at $4.50 /mo without the ads)

wix website builder logo

David's Take

Wix is my go to when I recommend a website builder, especially for small businesses. They make website building super easy and have beautiful themes and great design elements and features right out of the box. It’s no wonder that Wix is the most popular website builder online, with numbers in the 100+ million range!

out of 10

Best For

Small Businesses


$0 – $35 a Month

Annual Discount?

Yes – Save 22%


Free Plan!

Wix is super popular for a reason.

They have over 500+ click and go templates that you can utilize right away in your website design.

You have the option to use over 100 fonts, and can even upload your own (I’m very picky with my fonts, so this was a great feature for me).

And of course all their templates and designs are mobile friendly, so you don’t have to create a separate version just for the mobile version.

Look at some of these beautiful designs:

Not only that but they have some useful, advanced features like:

  • Elegant menu systems
  • Scroll effects
  • Parallax
  • Video backgrounds
  • Animations
  • Audio integration
  • And much more!
Wix Customizable Design Options
Wix Customizable Design Options

You can register a domain directly through Wix, or you can use any of domains that you may have on your domain registrar (I recommend using NameCheap for your domains).

Wix is the best online store builder if you own a small business, especially if you like to keep your business clean and simple.

There are bigger and more advanced options out there like Shopify and BigCommerce, but they might be a little too much for a small business.

With Wix, you have the ability to add e-commerce integration to your website for as little as $17/month.

So if you have an e-commerce store and want more customization to your design, then I suggest going this route.

It’s also one of the easiest to use! No need to know any kind of coding because you can drag and drop items, use sliders to adjust size, re-size everything as if you’re resizing a picture on your phone, and they make it super intuitive.

One of their highlight features is something called:
Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

They boast that it is the first artificial intelligence based website builder.

What it does, is it learns about your site and uses information on your site to produce a customized design to fit your specific needs!

It uses AI to choose from billions of different combinations of text, images, layouts and design styles.

Choose what you want on your site and let ADI do the rest!
Example Site Made by Wix ADI
Example Site Made by Wix ADI

Overall, if you want the best website builder for small business, then Wix is your best bet.

Comes with a ton of flexibility and some awesome features as well!

Wix Pricing

It starts from $4.50 a month (when paid annually) and is a cheaper starting point than some other website builders.

It also comes with hosting so you don’t have to pay for separate hosting!

  • Free ($0 /month) – Great for building and testing your site – good for hobbies and projects. But comes with Ads. 
  • Connect ($4.50 /month) – Upgrades bandwidth to 1GB, comes with SSL certificate, but still displays Ads.
  • Combo ($8.50 /month): Removes annoying ads, comes with free domain for a year, higher storage space and bandwidth.
  • Unlimited ($14.50 /month): Unlimited bandwidth, 1 hour of videos, also comes with a year of advanced visitor analytics. This is the plan recommended for small businesses and if you’re serious about the best website builder.
  • VIP ($26 /month): Unlimited bandwidth, 5 hour of videos, 35 GB of storage space, you also get access to their priority customer support service.

Starting elevating your small business with Wix today:

Click here to get started with Wix!

#2 - Elementor

Best for Customization & Flexibility
(Free or starting at $39/yearly)

elementor website builder logo

David's Take

This is my personal favorite website builder and the one I used to create the very site that you’re on. It’s not #1, because it can take awhile to learn how to use, but once you know how, it is super powerful and you can build almost anything with it. Another con is you need to purchase separate hosting with it as well. But if you want the most flexibility out of any website builder then Elementor website builder is for you!

out of 10

Best For

Customization & Flexibility


Free – $99 /month (with hosting)

Annual Discount?

Only Annually


Free Plan!

Honestly, Elementor is my favorite website builder.

It’s only #2 because it is not as easy to use as the others, but once you get past the learning curve, I believe it is the most powerful website builder online.

Not only do you have super flexibility to create almost anything you want in a website without knowing any code, but there are also tons of third party plugins you can use with your Elementor page builder.

It takes advantage of network effects:

Meaning the bigger the network, the better it becomes.

Examples of network effects are:

  • Uber
  • Facebook
  • Google

The more Uber drivers there are, the better the platform becomes.
The more websites on Google the better the algorithm can get.
The more Tesla cars on the street, the better data they can receive.

Wordpress also has a powerful network effect, because they by far power a big portion of the internet.

And because of the popularity of Elementor, lots of plugin businesses realize this and they create plugins for Elementor so it makes the entire ecosystem better.

But another downside of Elementor is that you need to use it along side Wordpress, and you also need to purchase separate hosting to host your website on.

That’s why it’s not #1, but in terms of customization, it is my #1 pick.


  • Drag and Drop style plugins
  • Lightweight & minimalist
  • Tons of templates & lots of 3rd party templates to choose from
  • Control every design element of your website
  • Lots of tutorials on online on how to build websites with Elementor
  • Flexibility to use your own hosting
  • Can also host your site with Elementor cloud, their own hosting

Elementor is highly popular and is being used by 7.2% of all websites! (Remember network effects)

Elementor Inception - This Site Was Built Using Elementor
Elementor Website Builder Mobile
Elementor Dynamically Adjusts to be Mobile Friendly

Elementor Pricing

The best part about Elementor is that they have a free version!
Meaning you can take it for a test run before deciding to upgrade.

With the free version you’re able to:

  • Use the drag and drop editor
  • Include mobile and table editors
  • Elementor’s Hello theme, which boasts to be one of the fastest on Wordpress

But the free plan only has a limited selection of plugins and widgets.

With an upgrade to their premium package for $49 per year, you’re able to unlock a lot more power of Elementor and use advanced editing features.

  • Free ($0 ) – Limited uses. Limited plugins and widgets.
  • Essential Plan ($49 /year) – 1 Pro Activation. Premium Support & Website Kits. This site uses the Essential Plan.
  • Expert Plan ($199 /year) –  25 Pro Activations. Everything in Essential Plus Elementor Expert Profile.
  • Studio Plan ($499 /year) – 100 Pro Activations. Everything in Expert Plan Plus VIP Support.
  • Agency Plan ($399 /year) – 1000 Pro Activations Plus Everything in Studio Plan. This ones for huge businesses & agencies.
They also offer an in-between plan if you need 3 website activations.

Aside from the Plugin pricing, they also offer hosting (cloud) to go with it, if you need hosting as well.

Their cloud website hosting starts at $99 /year
This works out to about $8.25 /month

This is actually really good as the Google Cloud Platform along with a global CDN.

Ultimately, Elementor is for those who want the ultimate flexibility and want a hand in every aspect of the design process.

A perfectionists’ best website builder.

Get started with the Essential Plan as it’s the best bang for your buck and comes with all the Best Website Builder Features that Elementor has to offer!

Go Here to Use Elementor

#3 - SquareSpace

Best Website Builder for Personal Sites
(Starts at $14 /month)

Squarespace Best Website Builder

David's Take

Beautiful, easy to use and perfect for beginners, if you want to create a website for personal use without knowing code, then SquareSpace is perfect for you. Provides its own built-in analytics so you get to see information about your visitors at a glance.

out of 10

Best For

Best for Personal Use (Used by many Influencers)


Starts at $14 /mo (Paid Annually)

Annual Discount?

Yes – Save 25-30%


Free 14 Day Trial.
No Credit Card Required.

If you’re a big Youtube user, you’ve probably heard of Squarespace.

It seems that all the big influencers are sponsored by them.

And it’s not by coincidence either, because they provide beautiful designs and great looking sites for both the beginner and those with established small businesses.

They make it super easy to use, as they provide over 100+ templates and have excellent customization features including the ability to customize:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Layout
  • Much more

It’s also a great platform for bloggers and writers because they have a really intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) blog editor and it works like you would imagine it to.

And like all the best website builders for small business, comes with an awesome drag and drop builder so you can just drag text boxes, images, headings and just place it where you want it!

squarespace mobile website builder
Mobile App with Drag & Drop Builder!

It isn’t the most SEO friendly (that’s why it’s further down the list) because an glitch that seems to happen is the sitemap seems to publish two versions of each page, one with and without a trailing slash (/) at the end of the URL.
I’m not sure if this issue is fixed yet or not last time I checked.

Also, your blog headlines become your meta titles (the titles you see in a Google Search), so it may not be the best bet if you’re going to be using your website builder for SEO.

Besides these two small minor flaws, this is a great choice for most people!

It’s also backed by nearly every big Youtube influencer (you’ve probably heard about it during one of your Youtube watching sessions).

So with their great editing tools and beautifully designed templates along with built in analytics so you can see your visitors information and the traffic you’re getting, it’s just a great all-in-on website builder.

SquareSpace Best Website Builder Templates
Squarespace says Their Templates are Award Winning!

Source: Squarespace

SquareSpace Pricing

All When Paid Annually

  • Personal ($14 /month) – Free custom domain, Free SSL Certificate, unlimited bandwidth, 30 minutes of video, and allows access up to 2 contributors.
  • Business ($23 /month) – Includes Everything in Personal Plan Plus Professional Email from Google (Google Workspace), Custom CSS & Javascript, and advanced website analytics.
  • Commerce Basic ($27 /month) – Includes Everything in Business but with more powerful features for E-commerce including: 0% Transaction Fees & Powerful E-Commerce Analytics.
  • Commerce Advanced ($49 /month) – Includes Everything in Commerce Basic Plus Abandoned Cart Recovery, Ability to Sell Subscriptions and Advanced Shipping & Discounts.

If you are new to website builders, are a blogger or if you have a small business and need a world-class website editing software, then SquareSpace is a top-notch choice.

Go Here to Get Started with SquareSpace

#4 - Weebly

Best Free Website Builder
Free – $25 /month

weebly website builder logo

David's Take

One of the more popular ones in this group, and for good reason. Weebly is an all-in-on solution that integrates a website builder with marketing & SEO. If you are a blogger or looking to get into blogging, then this one is for you! Easy to get started and you can get started for free!

out of 10

Best For

Website Marketing Builder


$0 – $38 /month

Annual Discount?

Yup – Save 20-30%


Weebly currently powers over 1 million website builders!

With more than 250 million unique visitors a month!

It’s also powered by Square, a giant company in the finance space.

I would suggest to use the Weebly editor if you are heavy into blogging.

Not only do they have a powerful, visual website editor, but they also include a mobile app so you get access to all your site’s analytics all in your pocket.

It also comes with awesome SEO and marketing tools so the sales portion of your business is covered as well.

You can get started right away with their free plan which comes with 500 MB of storage, a SSL Certificate for security, and a subdomain with the Weebly branding.

If you want to use a custom domain name, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans to do so.

The free plan does come with chat and email support too, but the phone support is limited to paid users.

You also have the option to use their Ecommerce features which is great if you have a physical product based business.

Some of their Ecommerce features:

  • Inventory Mangement
  • Shipping Features – Labels, Calculator
  • Different Product Options & Variants
  • Coupon Codes
  • Accept payments through Square and other payment gateways
  • And more!
weebly best website builders shipping
Weebly's Awesome Shipping Features

Source: Weebly

Weebly is one of the best value for the money, even with their paid programs because it’s a great well rounded website builder for beginners.

They also have great SEO features such as keyword optimization and site structure so it helps you to rank well in the searches, thus boosting your sites traffic.

Weebly Insights
Weebly Insights

One downside about Weebly could be that their drag and drop editor might be lacking and also some of their designs might not be the best.

But their friendly budget makes up for it and it’s really simple to use.

Weebly features:

  • Ecommerce Options on All plans (Even the free version!)
  • SEO Features
  • Mobile App
  • Powered by Square
  • Different Payment Gateways
  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Analytics for visitor interaction and website performance
  • Business specific themes
  • Built in image editor
  • Parallax with reveal animation effects
  • Video backgrounds
  • Custom fonts and colors
  • And more!

Weebly Pricing

LearnWorlds Pricing

Weebly (and other website builder companies) will show you the annual prices, broken down into months. Which means you have to pay the full yearly price upfront.

It’s cheaper this way in the long run, but if you want to pay month to month, it costs a bit more.

The Prices You See Below are All Priced Annually

  • Free ($0) – This is for very basic websites. You’ll lack a lot of functionality, there will be ads displayed on your site and you can’t use a custom domain name. But they’ll still let you sell online, which a lot of other website builders won’t let you do on a free plan.
  • Connect ($5/ month paid annually) – About the same as the free plan, but you can “connect” your own custom domain. You also get a Free SSL Certificate, but your website will still have the Weebly branding.
  • Pro ($12 /month) – On the pro plan, you can say bye to ads and the Weebly branding on your site, and say hello to unlimited storage and a free domain! This plan is recommended for most users.
  • Business ($25 /month) – You get a lot more of the advanced features including a lot of Ecommerce options. You unlock the Advanced eCommerce Stats, coupon codes, shipping calculators and much more! This is for those who want to take advantage of the power of eCommerce.
  • Business Plus ($38 /month) – This plan also includes an email marketing package and gives you access to abandoned cart recovery emails as well as real-time shipping tracking. This plan is for those who are serious about scaling their business to the next level!

Overall, I would suggest Weebly for those who are into blogging and want to get their feet wet with Website Builders.

They have a free plan that comes with a lot of the features and you can upgrade anytime.

Go here to Get Started with Weebly for Free!


#5 - Zyro

Best Website Builder For Beginners
(Starts at $2.61 per month)

Zyro Best Website Builders Logo

David's Take

Zyro is probably my pick when it comes to picking a best website builder for the general public. It’s a very well-rounded website builder because it does a lot of things well. It comes with hosting so you don’t need to get a separate host, it gives you beautiful templates, they have a drag and drop style editor, and they have awesome customer support. Plus, when you sign up now with the link below, you get a Free domain and up to 71% off.

out of 10

Best For

Overall Website Builder


$2.61 – $14.31 /month

Annual Discount?

Yes. 3 Months Free!


The best overall website builder, especially for beginners.

Plus it comes with an affordable rate, so it’s perfect if this is your first website.

You get a ton of options in terms of designs and templates and it also includes many capable e-commerce options to skyrocket your small business.

Source: Zyro

No coding is necessary, so you can build and design to your hearts content without knowing any CSS or HTML.

Their drag and drop style editor helps you to style your website just the way you want!

No need to hire developers or hire a designing team, you can do it all, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Customize Fonts!
Duplicate Content with Ease!

Source: Zyro

They also provide an amazing 24/7 support, so if you have any technical questions, you can have them answered even if it’s 3AM!

It’s also a great website builder for small business as you’ll be able to accept more than 70 different payment methods. So you can operate a global business and get payments from around the world.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop style editor, to customize your website to please your viewers eyes without knowing any code.
  • Hosting comes free with their plans, so no need to get a separate web host.
  • Ability to accept payments from all around the world
  • A simple email CRM to communicate and follow up with your users
  • Reporting and Analytics so you can see how well your website is performing.
  • Uptime of 99.9% so you can sleep well at night, knowing your website is up and running!

Zyro Pricing

(These plans are for a 2 year period, where you pay it all upfront, but comes with 3 free months).

You also get 3 free months if you get their 1 year plan (cost a bit more monthly though).

Zyro offers the following pricing plans if you opt for their 2 year plan with 3 free months:

  • Website ($2.61 /month) – Includes free domain for 1 year, free email for 3 months, marketing integrations and 24/7 customer support.
  • Business ($4.41 /month) – Includes Everything in Website Plan plus 20+ payment methods and ability to sell up to 100 products.
  • Online Store ($8.01 /month) – Includes Everything in Business but you get up to 70+ payment methods.
  • Advanced Store ($14.31 /month) – Includes Everything in Online Store plus a lot of Ecommerce features like: Abandon Cart Recovery, Product filters, ability to sell in multiple languages and selling on Amazon & Ebay.

There is also a thirty-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the platform without any risk.

Zyro is an all around Great Website Builder for everyone! Whether you are a beginner or an Advanced Ecommerce user, they have something for you!

The one I would recommend is the Website Plan so you can get your feet wet:

#6 - ClickFunnels

Best Website Builder for Entrepreneurs & Marketers
(Starts at $80.84 per month)

David's Take

ClickFunnels is a very niche website builder because it is built for marketers and entrepreneurs to built websites with an easy sales integration. However, you can also use it just like you would any other website builder, because it also has a great drag and drop style editor. I recommend this if you are serious about your marketing and want to extract every sale possible from your users, as it comes with all the upsell and downsell options you can possibly think of.
Great website editor for marketers!

out of 10

Best For

Best Website Builder for Small Business Marketers


$80.84 – $247.50 /month

Annual Discount?

Yes. Save up to $594 /year!


Comes with a steep price, but you can actually copy someone else’s sales funnel, along with all their custom-built pages and upsells and paste it right into your own website!

With a few clicks, you have a perfectly working funnel.

I remember when I made my first funnel with CF (ClickFunnels), I wanted to copy someone else’s funnel.

I love this copy and paste system, because you can take a funnel that someone else has already built and probably took dozens of hours to create and with just a few clicks you can make it into your own website.

Cloning a Funnel in Just a Few Seconds!

The CEO and founder, Russell Brunson is quite a marketing genius himself.

He has a couple of amazing books on marketing which I highly recommend you to read if you want to be able to have a great understanding of business marketing.

Check out his book, Dotcom Secrets for an awesome read! Had many lightbulbs going off with this one.

ClickFunnel Features

  • Free Web Hosting
  • Copy and Paste Funnel Pages
  • Opt-in Forms
  • A/B Testing
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Ability to have Affiliates for your Products
  • One Click Upsells and Downsells
-Easy Order forms
  • Membership Sites
  • Analytics
  • And Much more!

One of the downsides of ClickFunnels, is that it doesn’t have the best designs and templates.

Because it is geared more towards making sales and marketers, design isn’t quite their forte.

But if you value sales over design, then CF is a great system.

Like I said, what’s unique about ClickFunnels is that it specializes in Sales Funnels.

So what is a sales funnel?

Source: ClickFunnels

I’ll give the analogy of dating.

You don’t ask someone to marry you the first time you meet them right?

First you get to know each other, then if there’s chemistry you go on a second date.
And after that you start dating.
And after that you might get married.

It’s the same idea but with sales to your customers.

You don’t sell them a $3,000 product right away.

But maybe at first you offer them something cheaper like a book.

And then a mini-course.

And THEN your flagship product.

You can do this over a long period of time, such as 2 years.

Or you can do this in minutes, through a sales funnel process.

Sales funnel example
You can visualize an actual water funnel.

On the front end you offer a cheap product such as an Ebook.
But after they say yes to the eBook, you direct them to an Upsell, which might be a membership site for $20 a month.

And you could add more upsells and downsells if you want, the options are endless.

And ClickFunnels helps you to build out these funnels in a very easy and intuitive way!

There are about 100,000 entrepreneurs who are actively using ClickFunnels to rocket their business and have collectively processed over $4 billion dollars!

You can also create an awesome business with them as well!

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has 2 prices and you can choose from either monthly or annually.

Plus they both come with a 14 Day Free Trial

The ones below are their prices paid annually (upfront):

  • Basic ($80.84 /month) – Sufficient for most marketers and small businesses. Comes with 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 monthly visits, 3 custom domains and 3 payment gateways.
  • Platinum ($247.50 /month) – Unlimited Funnels, Pages & Monthly Visits. 9 custom domains and 9 payment gateways. Weekly Hackathons (an event where people break down their funnels), Backpack (their affiliate system) and priority support.

This is coming from personal experience as I have used ClickFunnels for one of my older businesses and I have found that basic had everything I need.

You can always upgrade later on, if you think you can use the extra perks.

They do have one more “club” and it’s called the Two Comma Club.

They call it two comma because there are two commas in a million 🙂

This is exclusively for clients who have made sales of more than $1 million.

They actually hand you a physical plaque if you reach this level.

Two Comma Club Plaque

Overall, if you are a marketer and are serious about making some serious sales, but aren’t too picky about design and aesthetics, then ClickFunnels is the Best Website Builder for Your Small Business.

Go Here to Get Your 14 Day Free Trial with ClickFunnels!

#7 - Shopify

Best Website Builder for Ecommerce
(Starts at $29 /month)

Shopify best website builder logo

David's Take

I have personally used Shopify in the past for all my Ecommerce needs and thought the platform was fantastic! It comes with complimentary web hosting, so you don’t need to purchase a separate web hosting plan  and I love their checkout system, because it makes it super easy for customers to checkout (which is great for small businesses and marketers). Shopify is perfect if you want to run and scale your Ecommerce Empire!

out of 10

Best For

Ecommerce Website Builder for Small Business


$29 – $299 /month

Annual Discount?

Yes – Save 10%


Founded in 2004 by Tobe Lutke (Awesome interview with Tim Ferriss Here), it is used by more than 800,000 e-commerce businesses and counting.

I also think the CEO is a genius and he articulates his ideas very well, so I believe in the vision of him and his team.

Shopify is very easy to use, has an intuitive backend dashboard, and thousands of apps and plugins support Shopify.

Shopify is THE go-to website builder if you are serious about building an E-commerce business.

Back in the day, I used to own a few e-commerce businesses, and for all of them I was able to use Shopify with great success.

Shopify is an all-in-one platform. Meaning it comes with a lot of great features including:

  • 70+ Design Templates
  • Your own domain name
  • Hosting is Complimentary with Shopify
  • Complimentary SSL Certificate for Enhanced security
  • Ability to Accept 100+ Kinds of Payment Gateways
  • Ability to Use 3rd Party Plugins & Widget
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging features
  • Geolocation
  • Great for SEO
  • And much more!

This is one of the best website builders for small businesses that specialize in Ecommerce.

Some of Shopify's Free Themes - All Mobile Optimized!
Some of Shopify's Premium Themes

Shopify Pricing

Free 14 Day Trial Without Credit Card Requirement

Let’s compare some of their different plans.

With Shopify, because it is mostly for e-commerce and online selling, they offer different transaction fees and shipping costs for their plans

  • Shopify Basic ($29 /month) – Offers no reports. If not using Shopify payments, they have a 2% transaction fee and online credit rates of 2.9% + 30¢ USD. They have a shipping discount of up to 77% from DHL Express, UPS, and USPS.
  • Shopify ($79.00 /month) – Offers Standard report. If not using Shopify payments, they have a 1% transaction fee and online credit rates of 2.6% + 30¢ USD. They have a shipping discount of up to 88% from DHL Express, UPS, and USPS. Comes with Abandoned Cart Recovery.
  • Shopify Advanced ($299 /month) – Offers Advanced reports. If not using Shopify payments, they have a 0.5% transaction fee and online credit rates of 2.4% + 30¢ USD. They have a shipping discount of up to 88% from DHL Express, UPS, and USPS. Comes with Abandoned Cart Recovery and also comes with e-commerce automations.

Shopify comes with an annual subscription and monthly subscription.
Like with most website builders, you get a discount if you opt in to pay the yearly price upfront.

In this case, Shopify offers a 10% discount if you pay yearly.

They also offer a bigger 2 year subscription discount of 20%.

If paid Monthly:

  • Shopify Basic – $29 /month
  • Shopify – $79.00 /month
  • Shopify Advanced – $299 /month

If paid Yearly (Save 10%):

  • Shopify Basic – $26.10 /month
  • Shopify – $71.10 /month
  • Shopify Advanced – $269.10 /month

If paid for 2 Years (Save 20%):

  • Shopify Basic – $23.20 /month
  • Shopify – $63.20 /month
  • Shopify Advanced – $239.20 /month

Ultimately, if you have an e-commerce business, a drop shipping business or wanted to get started in either of the two, then Shopify is the website builder for you!

If you want to give them a shot, they offer a FREE 14-day trial without even needing a credit card.

Go Here to Get Started with Shopify

Best Website Builder Summary

(The TL;DR Version)

When deciding between the best website builders, there are a few factors to consider:

  • User Experience
  • Ease of Use
  • Themes
  • Features
  • Design

For me, I love having flexibility, customization and designing websites to my exact needs.

For others you might want to make the most sales as possible, or you might place simplicity at the top of your priorities.

Whatever the case, there’s a website builder for you!

I personally use Elementor on this site because of its flexibility and granular design structure.

But for most, I would recommend either Wix or Zyro.

But remember, no matter how good a website builder is…

YOU still have to build it.

It’s just a tool, and you are the builder.

So once again, here are my top picks:

Wix – Best Website Builders for Small Business
Elementor – Best for Customization & Flexibility
SquareSpace – Best Website Builder for Personal Sites
Weebly – Best Free Website Builder
Zyro – Best Website Builder For Beginners
ClickFunnels – Best Website Builder for Entrepreneurs & Marketers
Shopify – Best Website Builder for Ecommerce

If it’s hard for you to decide, I’ll help you out:

First time builders should go with SquareSpace.

It’s a great website builder with lots of functionality and great for beginners and just good overall.

I hope you found some value out of this post as it took me quite a long time to write and research 🙂

Thanks for reading and please go out there and be a creator, and not just a consumer of content.

Talk soon my friend!


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