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Want to Achieve Record-Breaking Profits for Your Business?
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You Can Attain All This with Proper SEO!
The Average Campaign Has an ROI of 2,200%!

Get The Same Insane Returns Without Any Additional Work on Your Part

You searched “Irvine SEO Services” or some similar term and found our SEO Services Page.

We’re ranked on the first page of Google for Irvine SEO Services and other highly desirable keywords and we would like to offer this same SEO service for your local business.

We live and breathe SEO and do not use cookie-cutter methods for our clients.

We make sure our SEO plans are custom-tailored to meet each of our client’s needs because every business is unique and it should be viewed as such.

Dear business owners of the Irvine area,

David Chun
LA seo services

My name is David Chun, the Founder of SEO Services at Rebel’s Journey.

Most SEO companies don’t like to put a face to their services, but I do. I’m bold enough to put myself out there because I’m fully confident in our ability to get you more traffic for your business.

And because of this accountability, I take full responsibility for your SEO results.

I want you to do this for me at this moment:

Imagine seeing your business on the #1 spot on Google.

Wouldn’t that do amazing things for your business?

Just imagine your business flowering because of the traffic you’re able to get with these rankings.

Wouldn’t you feel a sense of peace, knowing that your traffic needs are taken care of?

Now, imagine all the trouble and headaches you would eliminate by using an Irvine SEO company for your search results.

We know because SEO can be complicated for common brick-and-mortar business owners as it is a constantly changing machine.

That’s why our Irvine SEO Services will do all the hard work for you!

You’ll be able to use that surplus of time and laser it on your business to grow it to unseen levels.

You’ll have a sense of enthusiasm knowing that you’ve got the best SEO company on your side working for you relentlessly to get your goal.

We’ve been in the SEO game for 12+ long years (since 2010).

It is our bread and butter.
We know it like the back of our own hands.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many changes to this game and with our abundance of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.

We would like to extend our hands and our expertise to your business, so you can benefit from our experience as well.

The city of Irvine has a population of 270,000+. There are many competing businesses and the best part is, most of them aren’t using digital marketing to take advantage of this populous city.

Their ignorance is your advantage.

If you’re a business that’s not incorporating a digital marketing strategy then you’re losing out on tons of potential to grow your business!

You’ve got to adapt to modern times.

You don’t want to become a fossilized business, you must utilize internet marketing strategies to be at the forefront of your industry.

Let us help you reach your business’ potential!

With our Irvine SEO service we help with higher rankings on Google, which results in getting a ton of traffic, and in turn, will lead to more profits for your business.

Wouldn’t that make you a proud business owner with a smile on your face?

One of the best things about using our SEO company is we do almost all the work for you!

You have the option of being more hands-on if you want, but we also have a hands-off strategy if that’s more of what you’re looking for.

We’re a company that offers SEO services with a hard-working team of SEO experts that puts in tireless research and work, while you can focus on your business and watch your traffic explode.

But please be quick.

There are many competing businesses within the vicinity of Irvine, so we may not be able to offer our SEO services if we have a competing business onboard.

For example, if one of our clients is a dermatologist in Irvine, we have the integrity to not serve another dermatologist business within a 10-mile radius of our clients.

That’s our promise to our clients.

Why should you use
SEO Expert Services
for your Irvine-based business?

Imagine there’s a gushing stream of water.

And now imagine you getting in the middle of that gushing water.

It’s like that with search results.

There’s this abundance of traffic, and you’re putting your business right in the middle of it, and leading that traffic to your business.

SEO Water Abundance  
More visibility in Google means more traffic which means more potential leads for your business!

For example, if you own a chiropractor in Irvine, then you want to make sure that you’re ranking high for keywords like “Irvine chiropractor” and “best Irvine chiropractors.”

And not only do you need to optimize your webpage for these keywords, but you’ll also need to do tons of off-page SEO work like getting backlinks to your website from high-authoritative sites.

Now imagine ranking for tons of highly-related keywords for your business.

You’ll get business results like you haven’t seen before!

SEO is a very complicated game that is constantly changing with every Google update.

It takes a full commitment to truly master the SEO game.

Now, imagine if you had to work full-time on your business PLUS do all the SEO work by yourself.

That would be so hectic!

With our best Irvine SEO agency marketing service, you’ll be saving a ton of OPPORTUNITY COST.

We save you time and headaches by trying to figure it out by yourself.

But with the opportunity cost saved, how much of that time could have been spent bettering your business?

You’ll be able to push to new horizons of your business and succeed in ways you haven’t imagined before knowing that there is a team of dedicated SEO experts working tirelessly to get you as many clients to your website as possible, the possibilities for your business are endless.

We put results front-stage, center at the core of our business.

And the end result from this mindset, is quality traffic to your business.

How Profitable is SEO?
The ROI of Expert SEO Services

A recent study shows that over many different industries, Search Engine Optimization was able to yield an insane 748% on average!


Source: FirstPageSage

And that’s on AVERAGE.

We aim for far above average my friend.

Another study shows an average ROI of 2,200%!

Irvine SEO Services ROI

Of course, nobody can guarantee these kinds of results, but imagine if you only achieved a fraction of this.

Wouldn’t generating an ROI of 200-300% be incredible for your business?

Another study reveals what most business owners thought were the most-effective marketing channels for their business. They collected this data across many different industries:

Source: WebsiteBuilderExpert

49% of these business owners (a far majority) thought SEO was superior above all the other marketing channels!

I want to disabuse you of the fact that social media marketing isn’t where the biggest returns are made.

Because as the above stats prove, SEO practices beat out social media marketing by a mile!

According to the same study, SMM (social media marketing) has a 95% ROI, which is still good, but nowhere near the returns of SEO.

Most businesses think that social media will help save their business, and while this can be true in some cases, a far majority of businesses will benefit more greatly if they had a good SEO agency working for them to get great results.

Of course, it’s good to implement both strategies to get the best of both worlds.

But if you want the most effective returns, I would opt for SEO marketing any day of the week.

You have to see Search Engine Optimization as an investment into your business for the long term.

A lot of full-service digital marketing agency places SEO as an add-on element instead of the main focus.

We SOLELY focus on SEO, because we believe it should be that integral to your online success!

We’re SEO snipers and it is our main craft and skill.

SEO Services Sniper

We’re a company that can help you create a gush of traffic for your business. And we’re always looking to create meaningful relationships with our clients.

We absolutely cherish long-term relationships and are always looking for a win-win with our clients.

We put your results before ANYTHING else, because a win for you, is a win for us.

And we’re always looking for long-term relationships and not to inflate our numbers just to try and impress you while sacrificing your trust and integrity.

Honesty, trust, and not taking any shortcuts are vital to our philosophy here at Rebel SEO services.

And that’s what we mean by Rebel’s Journey.

We believe every big change starts with being courageous and a leap of faith.

That leap is resemblant to our definition of being a Rebel.

Because we know you can achieve more than the average, and it sometimes takes a rebellious act to be extraordinary.

This is about YOUR journey, 

Let’s start that journey today.

Best Irvine SEO Company: Why The Proper Investment is Key to Success

SEO is an Investment

SEO can take a long time to rank – of course sometimes a lot shorter as well.

If you’re looking for instant gratification, our Irvine SEO services aren’t for you.

But like in the stats above, if you can just wait out a few months, SEO is extremely profitable!

You just gotta be patient.

In fact, some of the results are exponential!

I’ve been able to experience this in my own SEO and my own SEO and digital marketing projects just as well as our clients.

SEO is an ROI and a time game.

In order to cross the threshold of big returns, you’ve got to be able to make a decent investment in this strategy.

If your investment is too low, we’re honestly wasting your time and resources as well as ours. With a low investment in our Irvine SEO consulting, you’ll get the worst ROI possible and you won’t be able to see the numbers from above.

SEO is a bloody, red ocean.

This means competition can be ferocious and it is ongoing.

Search engine optimization is not just about being high in search, but also about maintaining your position.

Assuming there are several competing businesses in Irvine at the top of the search engine results, you must understand that speed is critical for your success.

Run too slow and you’ll never catch up to the businesses in front because those businesses will also be putting ongoing work into their rankings to stay at the top.

Your investment in your SEO marketing service will essentially determine your speed and your organic search results.

Do you want to rank high, faster? Then you should be investing more!

Your investment is correlated to the speed of results.

When it comes to SEO, it’s similar to a personal gym trainer.

The more time you spend at the gym with your trainer, the better the results you’ll see.

But if you see your trainer only once a month, you won’t see the results you want!

SEO Trainer
For example, if you wanted to invest $800 a month in an SEO consultant, but the people at the top of the search results are investing $2,500 a month, how are you going to pass them with that rate?

The math just doesn’t add up.

But the inverse is also true.

If your local business competition is only investing $800 a month, but you’re investing $2,500, then we can implement some highly effective SEO strategies.

You’ll be able to dominate the SERPs because speed is now on your side.

So as your Irvine SEO company, I would encourage business owners to invest as much as they can afford into their online marketing.

This is your business we’re speaking about! If you truly care about your business, you would want the most visibility possible, wouldn’t you?

If you can invest $2,500 a month or more, the rise to the top becomes much easier and it can geometrically grow your profits.

Imagine, with a mere $2,500 a month investment, having the potential to generate an additional $15,000 -$80,000 for your business every single month.

That’s the type of ROI that should excite you as a business owner!

The question is:

How badly do you want to grow your business?

Irvine SEO Services Investment 2
Irvine SEO Services Investment 5
Irvine SEO Services

Irvine SEO Agency:
We Don’t Work with Everyone

Irvine SEO Background 2
SEO Company 1
SEO Company 2

As you can see from above, your SEO investment is a crucial element for Irvine SEO search results.

For business owners that aren’t willing to make this kind of investment into the future of their own business, we simply cannot take you on as a client.

We won’t onboard any businesses that do not align with our core philosophies.

We’re not here to just create as much profit as we possibly can and give our clients mediocre results.

We also won’t onboard any clients, who we think cannot benefit from our services.

We will turn down clients who have shady business practices, scams, or who do not have high integrity.

Plus, we find those that are willing to make a bigger investment in their future, are much easier to work with.

They are more humble, and more open-minded, they don’t micromanage our processes, and they give us fewer headaches.

If you make a small investment of $700 or $800 a month into your search engine marketing, you just won’t see a great positive ROI.

It’s just not enough fuel to take flight.

SEO Flight 1

And you won’t get the acceleration of results that businesses with proper investments will get.

You need enough of an investment to achieve escape velocity.

So our service price and this message is a hard filter for those looking for quick wins, shortcuts and instant gratification.

That’s not how we work and we are not looking for that type of relationship.

What we are looking for is a flywheel effect for your business and for ours as well.

A special kind of relationship, where we’re all winners.

Total win-wins across the board.

We’re always looking for win-wins and are looking to work with businesses that are the BEST at what they do and don’t take any shortcuts.

Because we assure you, as your Top SEO experts, we won’t be taking any shortcuts for your business as well.

That’s our promise to you from a business person to another business person.

Our 12+ years of experience using SEO have taught us what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve seen graceful, gradual traffic and profit increases for businesses that have invested proper amounts into their internet marketing efforts.

On the contrary, we’ve also seen businesses that didn’t make enough investment see poor SEO performance and the frustration that comes with inadequate online marketing efforts.

As the Best Irvine SEO Agency, it’s our responsibility that we don’t waste your money & resources for some substandard results.

And as our mission is serving Irvine businesses as best we can, it is important that we charge the prices that we do.

Not doing so, would be lying to our clients, which would be a breach of our integrity and a disservice to your business.

SEO Employee vs SEO Agency

Let’s take an example:

If you wanted to hire an in-house employee, providing SEO strategies for your business, what would you pay this employee?

$120,000? $150,000?

Irvine SEO Company

These rates are normal for SEO marketing solutions.

You wouldn’t blink an eye paying this much, because it is considered “normal.”

But you know what’s not normal?

Paying $10,000 a year to an Expert SEO team working around the clock that lives and breathes Search Engine Optimization and expecting them to bring you massive search results.

Doesn’t this seem a little inadequate for the service they are providing?

Within this context, doesn’t it make sense to invest more in your search engine optimization?

Oh and we’re also saving you from a lot of time and headaches that come with hiring an SEO researcher who may not even have the experience to fulfill the role. And if they don’t live up to their expectations, firing that employee is another huge burden that you would have to deal with.

With our SEO agency in Irvine, if you don’t like our service for any reason at all, you can simply end our service when the contract expires. No need for a contract extension if we didn’t bring you results. And no hard feelings at all.

But I think you’ll want to extend our services, once you see the amazing results we bring to your business 🙂

Our digital marketing firm has been in the trenches of SEO for 12+ years and we’ve seen it all!

There is no SEO plugin, no SEO course, and no copy & paste SEO agency that can even meet the capability of our in-house team of SEO savants.

With our team at your side, it’s not even a fair game anymore!

Irvine SEO Services:
Master SEO Tailors

We compare ourselves to master tailors.

You can buy a cheap suit or dress off the rack at a department store, but it won’t be a perfect fit.

SEO Generalist

Only a master tailor can precisely craft your outfit to perfectly fit the contours of your body.

It is custom-made and designed to spec for your very needs.

Every single threading of that outfit has been deliberately planned out and the finished product is one of superior quality which doesn’t even compare to the one off the rack.

This outfit will far outlast the cheap outfits that you buy at department stores.
It’ll last you for many years to come.

SEO Specialist

Now, imagine a company that offers this type of exceptional product or service.

That’s what we do.
We are master SEO tailors at work for your business success.

SEO is our craft.

With our Custom Tailored SEO Services, craftsmanship goes into every project.

It’s like art for us.

Because every project and every client is different, we need to paint a different picture that is Uber-focused on the client’s goals.

We listen to our clients and put our client’s needs above everything else.
You can tell us exactly how you want your outfit to be.

We’ve been crafting SEO perfection for 12 years and it’s our passion and craft.

We’d love to extend this mastery to you, our beloved client, so you can achieve exceptional results.

SEO Specialist

“We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed.
We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.”
Jeff Bezos

Most Important Message:
The Long-Game
& Our Core Philosophy

Throughout the years, we’ve seen it all.

All the Google updates and algorithm changes.

The highs, the lows.

Instead of boring you with the strategies that didn’t work for the long term (way too many to list), let me explain what has truly stood the test of time.

It is a natural strategy and gives Google what they want.

Instead of low-quality spam backlinks, we put extra time and effort into getting the highest-quality backlinks we can find.

One of our core philosophies here at Rebel’s Journey is being long-term oriented.

We believe in delayed gratification.


Because the way Google works is almost like nature.

Let me give you an analogy.

Let’s say you bought some seeds for your garden to grow some plants.

What would you need for this plant to grow?

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Good soil

And the most important ingredient:

  • Time.

You may think we’re in the SEO business.
But in fact, we’re in the Time business.

Jim Collins, the amazing business writer that has conducted thousands of hours of research on what makes a business successful, notes that long-term thinking is a common thread amongst great businesses.

Good to Great Jim Collins(Good to Great is a great recommended read for your business by the way).


He compares short-term thinking businesses to time-telling.

Time-telling is seeking quick profits, instant gratification and overall short-term mindset.


He then compares the most successful and longest-lasting business to clock-building.

Clock-building is investing profits back into the business, delaying gratification and expanding the time horizon of the business model.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a great example of clock-building.

For over a decade, Amazon didn’t register a profit, because they kept investing all their resources back into creating the best company they could possibly make.

Bezos calls this:
“It’s always Day One Mentality.”

At Amazon, it’s always Day One.

“Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight.”

Some Day One Tenets:

  • Be obsessed with the customer
  • Focus on results over process
  • Make high-quality decisions quickly
  • Embrace external trends quickly

Well, then what does Day Two Look like?

“Day Two is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day One at Amazon.”

These tenets are woven right into the heart of our principles here at Rebel’s Journey.

We like to build metaphorical clocks.

We want your business to go beyond mere average and just surviving.

We want you to unearth your company’s hidden possibilities and touch the abiding nature of your business’ fully realized potential.

Because it is surely a shame, for to-be customers to have never known your business.

Let’s build that clock.

Let’s excavate all your concealed value, profits and gifts for the world to see – and let your company be known.

Stop time-telling.

Let’s begin building.

Seeya on the other side.


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“…it is about building something that is worthy of lasting – about building a company of such intrinsic excellence that the world would lose something important if that organization ceased to exist.”
Jim Collins

3 Steps
to Profit Liftoff

I first got into SEO 12 years ago and I decided that I wanted to become the BEST at my craft.
I went all-in.
Fast-forward to today, I have now ranked for countless number of keywords and websites.

And guess what worked the best?
It wasn’t this fancy, SEO strategy with multidimensional links and extravagant methods of trying to trick Google’s algorithm.

What worked the best was sheer simplicity.
The best strategy was being SIMPLE.
Fancy fails
Simple scales

I also believe simplicity is an evergreen principle that will last for many, many years.
It works – just trust the process.

Here’s our simple 3 steps system to get started.


Schedule a Call

If you want increased profits and want your business to thrive, then you’ve got to increase your traffic. And a time-tested way of increasing traffic is through SEO. Let’s schedule your future.


Tailored SEO Strategy

In our call, we’ll talk about your goals and outline a plan to get there.
By the end of our talk, you’ll have a rough blueprint to increase your profits for your business through SEO!


Higher Rankings!

Let’s soar your website in Google and get you floods of incoming traffic and potential leads. Overtime, your ROI will start to skyrocket and you’ll soon see the rewards of your harvest.

SEO Los Angeles Pricing:
Our Special Campaign

Visionary Plan


Ideal for corporate level businesses and venture-backed startups who want to skyrocket their trust & authority with Google.

With this budget, we’ll help you touch the moon of Google.

This budget will allow us to become Clock Builders.
Where we envision far-ahead into the future.

Built this way, your business will have an SEO footprint that flowers through the Google Search Engine.

Long-term vision is right at the heart of this SEO strategy, and it allows us to help you build a company so long-lasting, it can potentially last through generations.

This campaign is the highest-level of SEO service we offer.

If you resonate with building a visionary business that just lasts and lasts, then maybe this path is your destiny…

Our Regular SEO Campaigns:

Having trouble deciding on a Tailored SEO package? Contact us today and one of our Los Angeles SEO consultants will guide you through your decision. You can also contact us by scheduling a call below.

Built to Last

Ideal for Large Businesses, E-commerce, E-Learning, Coaches & Consultants.


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $5,997/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.


Ideal for Big Cities
& Competitive Keywords


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $4,497/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.


Idea for Small Cities
& Local Business


Billed Monthly

We will create a tailored SEO strategy based on your budget of $2,497/month.

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Tailored SEO Strategy
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO (Everything in Ignition)
  • Off-Page SEO
  • High Quality Link Building
  • Monthly Reports

*Minimum 6 month contract. Discounts available for longer contracts.

At any given time now, these prices will increase.
If you get in now, you’ll be grandfathered in at the current price you see here.

SEO Ignition


Ideal for Brand New Websites & Businesses.

Congratulations! You have created a new website for your business, what’s next?
It’s time to start your SEO efforts NOW.
The faster you start optimization, the more dominant your site will be over the coming years.

Your site is similar to a sports car. Nice to look at, awesome design, but it needs an engine to make it work. Our SEO ignition package acts as a powerful engine for your website. This campaign is a one time payment and it lays the foundations of proper SEO, so that everything built on top will be that much more stable.

This is perfect for businesses that may not be ready for a longer term contract and still want a piece of our SEO services.
Of course this package is a great start, but our monthly packages are far, far more powerful.

This is the start of your journey of generating real leads through SEO, so be excited for what’s to come.

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Pinging Your Site
  • ALT Tag Optimization
  • Optimize Titles & Descriptions
  • Add Your Business to Google Maps
  • Local Directories Inclusion
  • Re-directs, If Needed
  • SEO Plugin Installation
  • Speed Plugin Installation
  • DNS Optimization with Cloudflare
  • Cache Optimization
  • Google Page Insights Testing & Tweaking
  • Social Share Buttons

*This price is based on a 5 page website. Each additional page is $200 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Search Engine Optimization.

What does SEO mean?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the list of websites that Google puts in order, for any particular keyword. Most people call this “organic traffic.” It’s called organic because you are not paying for traffic such as with PPC. You are ranking your website higher on Google’s search results, so you can attract more people to your website.

How much does SEO cost?

To give you an answer to this, we would need to analyze your business in detail to give you a proper quote.

But remember this:

We have over 12 years of SEO experience and the most common reason most SEO campaigns fail (this might be your business in the past too) is because they underestimate the amount of work required to get excellent SEO results and a high ROI. That’s why you must have proper budgeting.

If you want our broad range of prices, we have Full-Service SEO packages that range from $2,500 – $25,000+ with a three-month contract minimum.

This minimum is required as SEO usually takes about 2-3 months to start seeing great results.

How long does SEO take?

This depends on several factors:

  • The age of your site
  • If you’ve had previous SEO work before
  • Amount of authority your site has and many more.

Usually, the more aged your site is, the less time is required to rank.
The time to rank also depends on your competitors.

Generally, most sites on pages 2-3 of Google can start to be seen on the first page in about 3 months with the correct budget and SEO work.

For new websites, this number is closer to 6+ months for first-page Google results and this also depends on how competitive the keywords are.

The good news is, during this rise through the SERPs, you should see traffic and leads slowly coming in as well. But usually, the big wins start pouring in when you get in the top 10 of the first page.

Some sites we’ve been able to rank for our clients:
Stamped concrete Rochester NY, Tree Service Buffalo NY, Towing El Paso, Tree Service Clarence NY, Concreters Adelaide, Towing Las Vegas, Tree Service Greensboro NC, and many, many more!

What is the ROI on SEO?

As you can see from the stats above, the average ROI for an SEO campaign across several different industries is 700%+. Other stats show a higher average of 2,200%!

This assumes that enough time is given for the campaign to flourish.

The real return on investment is the long-term traffic and leads from SEO because these rankings and your website authority can last for a super long time.

For example:

With a well-thought-out 12-month SEO project, you could see a 20x+ ROI in profit when the 12-month program is finished.

And even if you decide not to renew your SEO service (we encourage you to do so, however), you could see a 40x+ ROI because you’ve stopped investing more money on SEO.

That’s an incredible ROI!

We do encourage businesses to continue their SEO efforts, because many times if you stop the work, you’ll start to see a decline in rankings.

Can you get my business to #1 on Google?

We will put in our best effort to get you to the top of the Search Engines and gush your site with new, organic traffic.

While being #1 is cool, chasing #1 for a bad keyword won’t get you great results.

You want to place your focus on the RIGHT keywords for your business.

We’ll help you decide which keywords are best for your business and help you achieve your SEO goals.

If I stop doing SEO, will my rankings drop?

SEO is very similar to working out. If you’ve been working out for a few years, you’ll be in excellent shape. And even if you stopped going to the gym for a few months, you can still maintain your physique. But as time goes by, you’ll start to see a slow decline in your figure.

With SEO, if you don’t do any additional work for some time, your traffic and rankings will drop and you’ll need some calibration.

Although the service we provide is nearly permanent and long-term, a competitor might come in and put a lot of effort into their SEO and outrank your website.

That’s why we suggest continued SEO efforts. If you want to extend your service with us or start up your SEO campaign once again, please let us know and we’ll get to work on it right away.

SEO has never worked for me before. Why are you different?

There are a few reasons why SEO might have not worked out for you:

1 – You worked with inexperienced SEO companies:

  • You worked with a marketing agency that offered a broad range of services
  • You worked with a web designer and not an SEO specialist
  • You worked with a web developer and not an SEO specialist
  • You worked with someone with little to no experience with real SEO

SEO is like heart surgery. You need precision, attention to detail and deliberately planned action to get it right and only a few people truly posses this skill.
It takes many years of experience to actually know what works with SEO.

A general marketing firm might provide you with all the bells and whistles of digital marketing, but they might only know the basics of SEO.

Would you want a PPC expert to work on your SEO?
Would you want a web developer to work on your SEO?
Would you want your general doctor to do your heart transplant?

Or would you like a master heart surgeon with 12 years of hands-on experience to perform your heart transplant beautifully?

We’re the SEO equivalent to the master heart surgeon 🙂

2 – You previously worked with an SEO agency that didn’t know what they were doing.

This is a very common problem that businesses have. They hired a 19-year-old who watched some Youtube videos on SEO and decided to sell you their services. SEO takes many, many years of experience and you just can’t replace it with broad knowledge from an eBook or an online course.

You need deep-domain expertise.

We’ve been in the trenches of SEO for over a decade, and we have the utmost confidence in our SEO ability to help your business rise to the top.

3 – You worked with a scammer

We’re sorry about that, but there are many scammers in SEO consulting.

This is why we have some core philosophies in place at the core of our company: integrity, honesty, client obsession and delivering our best work for our clients.

We place extreme emphasis on building a long-term relationship with our clients and will do nothing to compromise our partnership.

4 – Non-effective SEO strategies

The Irvine SEO digital marketing company you worked with didn’t do enough work to beat your competition.

If you had a local SEO budget of $800 in the past for an SEO expert, then most likely it wasn’t enough resources or enough work to rank for competitive keywords.

Here’s a great business quote:

“If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you work with an amateur.”

Would I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we require a contact. We don’t like contracts, but from our experience, it’s in place so that we both have a mutual agreement. In the past, we’ve worked with some bad clients without a contract, and it cost us a lot of stress, time and energy. Even though we hate it and we believe our word is like iron, it’s better for both of us to have a contract in place.

How can I get started?

  1. Schedule a call for a free 30-minute SEO consultation & strategy session
  2. After our chat over Zoom or on the phone, you should have an idea about your investment amount and the best SEO service for your business.
  3. Fill out our quick questionnaire (about a 10-minute process) and once complete, our Irvine SEO experts will get to work and take care of your SEO needs.

You then go back to running your business as usual.

Can you design my website?

Yes, we do provide this service. You would need to schedule a call for a quote because every business need is different. One business might need a 3-page website design, while another business might need 30 pages or more.

The best part about our designing service is that we also design your service with SEO optimization in mind, unlike other design studios where they only focus on aesthetics. We put SEO functionality first.

So not only will your website look good, it’ll be fully SEO optimized with super fast page load times (page speed is a Google ranking factor).

Do you offer paid advertising services?

No, we don’t offer paid advertising services.
We can, however, provide you with suggestions on the big picture of your digital marketing strategy.

If we feel PPC can complement your search engine optimization service, we will tell you so.

Do you manage Social Media accounts?

No, we don’t.
Again, we are first and foremost a search engine optimization company, and SEO is our bread and butter.

What kind of reporting will I receive?

You’ll receive a ranking report that shows your search engine ranking progress every month. 

During the first few months, you may not see a flood of new clients, but this report will reassure you that you are progressing in the rankings.

This will also highlight our efforts and reaffirm that we are doing everything in our power to get you to the top of the SERPs.

Do you have any guarantees for your SEO Service?

No SEO company in Irvine on anywhere on the planet can promise #1 Google rankings.

Many digital marketing agencies will guarantee first-page Google rankings, but this is like predicting with 100% accuracy that it will rain in 3 months. Not even the best meteorologist in the world can predict this.

Usually, there is oddly a high correlation between companies that guarantee #1 rankings and businesses that provide poor-quality work or shady practices.

Google themselves says to stay away from any SEO professional that can guarantee number-one rankings.

But here’s what I CAN guarantee:

We will work our butt off to provide you with the highest quality of service you can ask for.

No other SEO team in the city of Irvine will work harder for your results than we will.

That’s our guarantee.

Is Search Engine Optimization Dead?

No, SEO is not dead because people are still using and searching on Google.

It’s bizarre to think that people are searching less on the internet today, than in the past.

In 2011, Google surpassed 1 trillion (with a T) searches in one year.

That number today is over 3 trillion! And it’s been growing every year since.

Over the years, Google made many changes to its search algorithm and so SEO practices that worked in the past, won’t work anymore in today’s world. The SEO game has changed.

What worked 5 years ago, might now tank your site today.

So you must have a good, long-term and proven SEO strategy to have your rankings stick.

And we’re here to help. We’ve always been at the forefront of Google’s algorithm and our team is willing to provide our best service for your business.

Schedule a call with us today and let’s get you amazing results that your business deserves!

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