2024: Your Revolutionary Year

We have certain, key transition points in life:

Birth – transition.
First job – transition.
First relationship – transition.
Move away from home – transition.
First business – transition.

These transitions, rarely happen by waiting.
For some…they NEVER even happen.

The question is:
The fuck you waiting for?

Why aren’t you creating your next transition right now?

What if THIS is THE year to make the biggest transition of your life?
What if THIS is THE year, you ACTUALLY tried?

How would it be, if Every Single Day this year, you ACTUALLY tried.

It’s not easy,
It requires sacrifice.

Like in chess, sacrifice is part of the strategy.
You sacrifice your other pieces, To Win the Game.

Sacrifice, takes pain –
And pain, dovetails perfectly into a climatic story:
Your Hero’s Journey.

I DARE YOU to Disappear.
And come out the other side, Unrecognizable.
Leveled up in all aspects of life – surfing on the back of reality.

I DARE YOU to Give as much as you can.
To have added SO MUCH value, that the Universe has NO CHOICE but to boomerang the karma back to you!

I DARE YOU to Slay your inner dragons.
So that your biggest fears become SO comfortable, hard things become common action.
You become a walking, breathing hero with endless courage and action:
The Never-Ending Hero.

I DARE YOU to stand up for what you believe in, that not a lot of people agree with!

Stand up for truth based, battled-tested results, rather than trend based popularity.
Something that no one sees, yet you know deep down, in your heart of hearts, that it is true.

Going against the grain takes massive courage. 
Like a hero, that stands up to a bully,
Stand up for the ideas that get picked on.

Think for yourself!
Fight for what you believe in, even if nobody else believes it.

I DARE YOU to change someone’s life – including your own.
Put on your oxygen mask, then extend a hand to help another human being.

This is how legends are etched in history.
We bookmark our existence in spacetime, by providing Value.

I DARE YOU to make 2024 the Beginning of a life designed by YOU!

Your Biggest Transition Point –
A Second Birth.

A point where you are both the creator and the created
The lead architect, engineer, and co-creator.

Phoenixing yourself into a parallel reality of a next evolution.
A giant, compared to the caterpillar of yesterday.

Metamorphosizing into a new being with newfound wings –
A Newfound Life.

I DARE YOU to visualize this transition crossroad – and make the hard choice.

Superpositioned between two worlds – 

What will you choose?

I DARE YOU to choose the path of the warrior, hero, and king.

It’s fucking hard, but the journey of the hero is worth ALL the hardship, every single time!
Fighting for something is an inevitability of this privileged journey.

Make 2024 A Revolution.

Stand up to the tyranny of old beliefs and values, chaining you down in a prison you can’t even see.

Stand up to procrastination, excuses and validating your ego.

Stand up to the sheep-lords, who brainwash you to buy their materialistic products just so you can feel superior,
The luxury companies and marketer wolves laugh behind their sheep’s clothing – waiting for dinner.

Reply to the inner voices reaching out to you, uttering for you to leap for freedom.

Heed that inner sound.

Your response might be a mighty roar.
It might be an audacious jump for freedom.
It might be a discreet whisper.

Whatever it is, it is nonetheless,

We all have our own personal, valorant acts –
That feeling inside, of an inner hero –
Crying out to be freed and unleashed.

Follow that Calling.

Ultimate hell, is being surrounded by hellfire of regret.
3rd degree burns, reminiscent of a half-lived life.

Hell on earth is the excruciating pain of gazing into a future self –
Staring into the reflection of an old being’s wizened eyes –
With Tears, brimful of regret.

Fuck that!

Live a heaven on earth – which is only reserved for those who give it their all!

Leave nothing back!
Fight for what is yours!

This is Your Revolutionary Year.

You rise, or go down fighting.
Freedom or bust.
No other choice.

This is the revolution,
And you are the Mockingjay.

You Are The Chosen One.

And You MUST Believe in Yourself.

Stand up, Neo.

Your revolution, starts…

Right now.


January 2024
Gangnam, Seoul


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