Rebel's Journey

Personal Development for Creators & Entrepreneurs

Metamorphosis of the Mind

There’s a scene in the movie The Matrix (not the Red Pill, Blue Pill one)…

Which is a lead in, INTO the Red Pill, Blue Pill decision.

And it’s the underpinnings of what most of us face in life.

It is a scene in the beginning where Neo was about to exit the car…

To withdraw back to the ordinary world…

His routine life.

The all too familiar, colorless reality.

While about to make his exit..

Trinity hits him with a bullet of truth:

Please Neo,
You have to trust me


Because you have been down there, Neo.

You know that road.
You know EXACTLY where it ends.

And I know that’s not where you want to be.”

This site…This reality…

is about those two roads.

On one road, the journey stays exactly the same

You stay in a black and white world…

And become an unconscious soul trapped in the self imprisonment called “the ego”.

And live through the re-occurring theme of a lifeless cycle.

A nameless, faceless, soulless…

Mr. Smith

And then…

There’s that other road.


A road that disappears into the amazing horizons of the unknown…

Fear lurks on this road.
Uncertainty loiters around the fields.
Mystery sheaths the oceans.

But beyond that horizon…

Comes with it the fruitful perks of…



🙏 Rapture.

The yields of a pioneer.

It’ll be a journey that DESTROYS the mundane

And cleanses it with AWE 😊

Where fireworks of gratitude are an everyday phenomenon 💥

Volcanic eruptions of ideas are a typical fucking day.

A Journey that contains limitless peaks and thrills

An adrenaline rush of peak experiences.

One that holds the entire spectrum of human emotion.

Where the wisdom of GIANTS channels down and you can feel the osmosis funneling to your mind

It contains the CHANCE to seek the extremes of SHEER JOY! ❤️

To climb to the edges of epiphanies!

And to leap to the other side known as inspiration.

And throughout it all, you’ll see the reflection of your tremendous growth.

As wisdom, love and kindness helps you ascend the paradigm climb along the way.

The adventure of a lifetime is yours to be had…

Your Journey awaits you, Rebel.

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Table of Contents

What is Time?
What is Your Life's Purpose?
What is Your Art?
What is True Personal Development?
What is The Hero's Journey?
What Will I Learn on This Epic Quest?
Gratitude & Giving (The Return)
Embark On The Maiden Voyage - Only For The Courageous Few
And One Last Request...

The Journey of Self Improvement is the journey of constructing your own destiny.

Inch by inch you’ll fabricate reality to fit inside the dimension of your vision.

Your life’s masterpiece.

These are life lessons that are based on the PRINCIPLES of self improvement, of authenticity, self-esteem, high vibrations, knowledge revelations, shifting paradigms, practical psychology, human behavior, the subconscious mind, science and personal philosophies just to name a few.

We’ll help you bring Death to the Ego

And be reborn into your Essence

You’ll be able to wash away society conditioning, and re-discover your true gifts.

The journey is ONLY for those who take MAXIMUM action.

Because ONLY through MAXIMUM action can you create everlasting behavior change.

Direct, First-Hand Experience is an INVALUABLE skill.

🔥 Action is the ultimate asset 🔥

It is a treasure that NO ONE can touch or take away.

Combine that with Second-Hand Experience of others: learning, reading, growing, contributing, teaching..

And you’ll be able to create any destiny you want.

1st Hand Experience + 2nd Hand Experience + Effective Feedback



This is how you produce PERMANENT Results

Not results based on Ego

Not results based on the Destination

But based on the journey

The walk of liberty in which you’ll enjoy every single moment.

Results = Infinite Journey.

You’ll be able to COMPLETELY transform yourself

Call it Personal Development, Acquiring Wisdom, Self-Help, Raising Consciousness, Self-Learning, Practical Psychology, Self Improvement, Philosophy…whatever you want.

The label doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you will learn and APPLY

It is both the discovery AND creation of the Most Authentic, the Most Real, and the Purest Version of Yourself that you can architect.

Let’s start with a little lesson on Time…

What is Time?

Time is the most valuable element in the universe.

The only dimension where we are all equals (unless you’re flying at the speed of light 👊)

But the usage of time is not all equal.

Just like the usage of money is not all equal.

Some use it to buy things they don’t need.
To purchase shiny objects to gratify their ego and to boost their status…

When ultimately the shine will blind them in the end.

Some use “time” to “get by”…
Some use it for mindless activities…
To consume in endless circles of media…

They use time to take.

To consume.

A subtraction.

And so time escapes from their hands and FLASHES off in the waste

Taking with it the biological decays of the body…

And having left nothing behind for the world to blossom 🌸

Some use time to simply “kill it (kill time)” instead of using it to come ALIVE ⚡️

Yet there are those…

Who live in a different dimension…

An elevated vantage point.

Who use TIME in a completely different way….

They use time not to just consume, but to CREATE

Not to subtract, but to ADD.

Not to take, but to GIVE ☺️

What is Your Life’s Purpose?

With the short time that we are given…

What will we do?

The calling for everyone is different.

There is no one size fits all.

But there is YOUR purpose

Your Myth.

Everyone’s story is different yet the Hero’s journey is reminiscent of identical underlying concepts and principles.

Your Myth includes:

Just to name a few.

We will unravel more concepts as we progress through the journey.

Make sure to solve problems for the world.

Be sure to touch people’s lives because you were in them.

To influence another soul for the better is the blossoming of the universe 🌺

This is how DEEP impact is created.

At the end of the day, nobody really cares about your dreams or life purpose.

The only way you can get someone to care, is if YOU care for others first.

Practice the Strategy of Pre-Eminence

Don’t WAIT for value to exchange hands before you give.

Always give first.

Your life’s purpose won’t just fall on you

It’s not an epiphany moment brought to you by the heavens

Life’s purpose is an EFFORT

It is about being PROACTIVE.

It is a meta-level principle even if you already know your purpose.

And if you know your purpose…

Then it’s about putting in the HOURS and HOURS of DELIBERATE practice to become a MASTER at your Art.

Denting the universe with the hammer of your craft.

If you don’t know what your purpose is, the same principle still applies.

Being PROACTIVE at SEARCHING for your purpose.

At doing things, being ENGAGED.

Not having a purpose might just mean…

That you are not ready to receive yet.

A true purpose will come if you have GIVEN and given a lot.

Only then will the vessel be ready to receive.

Once you start being proactive and courageous, paths will ignite for you 🔥

And how you can find your purpose is to DO YOUR ART.

What is Your Art?

The wise sculptors of time don’t just use it to consume, but to CREATE 🌟

They take time as their fundamental tool to craft, mold, and to sculpt it into the frame of their dreams.

To transfigure the vision that they once held in their mind..

..turning it inside out and spraying their ideas unto the canvas of reality.

Capturing the mind as it is in flight…

And contributing it to the world.

IF this sounds like you, then this and the rest of this message is YOUR MANIFESTO…

The Manifesto:

For the Artists…

The Creators
The Believers
The Massive Action Takers

The Go Getters

The Rebels
The Heroes

The Courageous Few.

They have a STEEP asymmetrical bias towards ACTION

A ravenous desire to LEARN

A gravitational pull to GIVE and CONTRIBUTE.

And to remain humble, kind, and grateful

Creators include, but are not limited to:


ANYBODY that creates art.

Seth Godin defines art not as a painting:

🌸 But as a human act.
🌸 A generous contribution
🌸 Taking a risk for something that might not work
🌸 Something that will change the recipient and the receiver for the better
🌸 And forging a connection…

“You can be perfect or you can make art.
You can keep track of what you get in return, or you can make art.
You can enjoy the status quo, or you can make art.

The most difficult part might be in choosing whether you want to make art at all, and committing to what it requires of you.”

~Seth Godin

As a creator, you SERVE FIRST

The audience isn’t there to serve YOU.

You serve the audience

Once you lead with service, your true fans will follow

Creating Art is the catalyst of Personal Development and the Rebel’s Journey

On the journey to being and becoming an artist, you will discover…

Many elements of Personal Development

What is True Personal Development?

I wish there was a more descriptive phrase than “Personal Development”

I’m not a fan of “labels”

But there is no other word that can fully describe this ever-transforming journey other than words like “personal development,” “self-improvement” and “self-help.”

And there is no book in the world that can contain all the knowledge of life and the universe.

The simple way to put it, is that personal development..

this road…

..this journey is ALL inclusive.

It is about absorbing practicality from all teachers.

“The man is taught by man. The master is taught by all.”
~Magister Daire

In it’s essence, True Personal Development is about learning from ALL SOURCES.

Not being ideological about just one idea

Not being narrow minded to one concept

But to be FREAKISHLY and ABSOLUTELY open minded.

To accept ALL knowledge from different frames of reality. Yet at the same time, deciding for ourselves if it’s a universal truth.

To be Open Minded to ALL knowledge, but not to make that an excuse to become a jack of all trades.

You’ll have to discovery mastery at some point and become a deep domain expertise in ONE specific subject.

Question everything.

Distill it down to its core element.

It might sound like a paradox…

And that’s also part of transformation.

To be able to hold paradoxical realities in your mind and not be bothered by the paradox.

Shifting in and out of separate realities that’s relevant to the situation.

Is this useful for my life and others?

If not, throw it away.

If it is, use it to create flight for the world.

Acquire Knowledge (Second Hand Experience)

Take Massive Action (First Hand Experience)

But at the SAME TIME make your own conclusions about it.

Don’t think it’s true just because it comes from one source.

That’s the root of social conditioning.

Always ask the DEEP why.

Question ideas.

Even if I said it.

And never takes things personally.

Open Mindedness + Action + Questioning = Truth

If you’re confused at which paradox to adopt..

ALWAYS err on the side of contribution and helping others

I used to think that self-help was all about developing myself and learning and improving and doing.

But I missed a few KEY underlying principles.

Principles that I wouldn’t NOT have seen…

Unless I ascended paradigms.

And it was contributing knowledge to serve others, not just a PERSONAL transformation

We are all on our own journeys.

Some are living at different levels of knowledge, energy and paradigms

But I think it’s a thicket of forest we must all go through for true transformation.

The protagonist must go through the wilderness of the Ego.

Only to have crucified a version of themselves that was holding them back

And to be resurrected as the Hero 🙏

And there’s a certain cycle that you must adhere to…

The laws of the Hero’s Journey

What is The Hero’s Journey?

What is the Hero’s Rebel’s Journey? 😇

The Rebel’s Journey is predicated on the idea of the Hero’s Journey.

Stories echoed throughout history since the dawn of Sapiens.

The masterpieces of the world.

It is the life’s work of Joseph Campbell who compiled his work in the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

He was able to dissect these myths and stories and discovered undeniable parallels in all of them.

Out of every story ever told…

From the thousands of stories since the existence of Communication.

He realized..

There was only ONE story.

The Hero’s Journey.

rebel's journey circle

It is the common denominator of History.

It is the mappings of human consciousness.

The DNA of homo sapiens expressed outwardly.

You can also call it the Rebel’s Journey, if you’re bold enough 😉

YouTube video

These ideas were the main inspiration for George Lucas when he wrote Star Wars.

You can see the same pattern in:

The Odyssey of Homer
Greek Mythology
Religious Texts
The Matrix
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games


The revelation is that…

These aren’t just stories.

They are a mirror reflection of The Human Life.

So in a sense..

It is EVERYONE’s story.

Or at least, the Rebel who takes the courage to leap…

And to take the unpaven road…

Step 1: The Call to Adventure

It is the story of the Heroine who faces the trials and tribulations of the Odyssey in courage.

The small glimpses of success…

The peaks of the many colossal mountains 👊

Along with the many valleys of adversity and pain

The journey will require you to do things that SCARE the SHIT OUT OF YOU…

To make LARGE leaps to the other side

To die into the moment.

It’ll crumble your comfort zone and take you to another reality of uncomfortability

It is a RITE of passage

King Arthur’s sword – Thor’s Hammer – is only for those who are deemed worthy of the calling..

Those who rebel against the cowardice and step up to face the Dragons of Fear

COURAGE is a prerequisite element…

…to transform into the Hero.

It is a DAUNTING sight for most.

And sadly, most don’t get past the call to adventure…

They are stuck at stage one in the ordinary, mundane world

Being comfortable.
Being complacent.
Being safe.

Never being able to FEEL the intense pleasures of being FREE and being ALIVE.

And it’s the first stage that makes the difference between a Coward and the Hero…

The first step in the alchemy to a Rebel:

🔥 Action 🔥

A dive into the pandemonium of the unknown.

Standing up for the Truth
Protecting the weak
Leading with Passion

And along the way the Heroine will acquire universal morals that parallel The Wizard of Oz:

A Brain (Personal Development)
A Heart (Love & Contribution)
And Bravery (Action)

“Through action, a man becomes a hero.
Through death, a hero becomes a legend.
Through time, a legend becomes a myth.

And by learning from the myth, a man takes action”

Fuck what society has told you!

Ask your inner most spirit:

What makes me COME ALIVE?
What is Natural to me?
When do I feel like the TRUE ME?

No judgments or pleasing others

No criticism of the inner voice.

No second guessing

Whenever you feel surges of emotional butterflies and authenticity floods through your veins..

Then you are headed in the right direction.

The antagonist in this journey is mostly likely yourself.

You have to get out of YOUR own way

To shed your old skin of ego

To Declare:



To take the flight of the creative mind 🐇

The ride on the maiden voyage of courage.

Accept the dance with time.

What Will I Learn on This Epic Quest?

The most important things that you can learn are Meta-Level Skills and Insights

How you can shift the way you view the world and reality.
How you can climb up different paradigms
To zoom out and see the entire map, instead of the pixelated terrain

You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn to start seeing the world through the eyes of the Hero

You’ll learn to have FREAKISHLY open-mindedness

To gather knowledge from ALL sources

To eliminate social conditioning and question everything

To raise your consciousness by being AWARE of your thoughts

You are NOT your thoughts.

Most of it is conditioning.

You are the awareness and observer of your thoughts.

Once you realize this, you are no longer a victim, you are the CREATOR.

You’ll learn about leadership and being able to lead a tribe to influence others through inspiration.

Power NOT Force

You’ll be infused with interdependence and working with others

1 + 1 = 11

The sum of the whole is greater than it’s equal parts

You’ll learn about the subconscious mind and how most of your actions are NOT your conscious doings, but the underlying ocean of the subconscious.

You’ll learn about the how to create Talent and the 10,000 hour rule and what it takes to create true mastery.

You’ll learn to be HYPER productive and to create everything you’ve ever envisioned.

You’ll learn to achieve FLOW States and how to Get in the Zone on an everyday basis.

You’ll learn to LEARN better and to APPLY them in a more effective way.

And this is just a small ICEBERG of the journey.

We’re not even in the ocean yet 🐶

You’ll learn PRINCIPLES, but you’ll also learn techniques and tactics.

There’s a place for both.

Don’t think that one is better than the other

It’s both an outer AND and inner game.

There’s tyranny in the “OR” and Genius in the “AND”

Not all knowledge is for everyone.

Sometimes you’ll resonate more with different ideas.

That’s okay, that’s human nature.

We all have a time and place for different fractals of knowledge in accordance to our current level of paradigm.

But sometimes knowledge that you DESPERATELY need will be RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE

But you’ll miss the lesson..

It will fall on deaf ears.

And it’ll keep re-appearing in your life over and over again, until you GET IT.

Doom Loop is Steps 2 – 6 Repeating Over and Over Again..

And that’s another avenue of the Journey.

The boulevard of arrogance.

And they’ll be no way to escape this boulevard until they reach the boiling point of realization.

Of enough pressure to blast them out of the cycle.

Sometimes it’ll appear on endless repeat, ad nauseam

And there will be no hero…

But this is NOT you.

You are the Rebel.

And when you are finally ready to receive the message…

The Epiphany will come at you in AVALANCHES.

You finally GET IT.

It will just STRIKE your soul perfectly on target

And will send SHIVERS down your very CORE.

I’ve heard that life will send you a whisper..

If you still don’t get it, life will toss a brick at you..

If you still don’t get it, life will burn down your house to get you to pay attention..

Pay attention to the whispers of destiny.

You’ll learn to become SUPER ADAPTABLE.

Adaptability is KEY to surviving and thriving.

Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fitness states that it is not the strongest, the fastest, or smartest that survive…

It is the most adaptable that survive.

Adapt to current times and technology.

Use technology to your advantage!

BUT, be careful how far you let that pendulum swing.

Social Media is a Poisonous LAVA when it comes to focus 🔥

Make sure to remove ALL distractions in times of FLOW and creation

Then you’ll get SUPER FOCUSED and create unbelievable productivity in your life

Everything in life has balance.

So always remember that there’s a place for FOCUS and there’s also a time for breaks.

Keep the light heartedness of life.

SMILE, laugh 😆

It’s about authenticity and truth.

If you want to be REAL and not LIE to yourself, realize that we’re all ultimately going to die one day.

And that’s the insight to make EVERY moment as fun as we can.

It is part of the DEEP WHY:

Why did you start the journey in the first place?

Because it was fun.

Because you enjoyed it.

Because you LOVED it ❤️

Take a step back whenever things get dreary

And ignite the passion once again

“Personal” Development is just a small parcel in this everlasting journey of discovery and change.

And when the Hero is built – acquiring all the skills and knowledge from the treacherous fog of FIRST HAND experience, there will be a more profound and rewarding experience…

Which is the quest of contribution.

Thus completing the cycle of the Hero’s Journey.

Back to 12 O’Clock

Only then…

To start over again.

BUT with a complete different facet and dimension of the Hero.

A sequel.

Another Rebellion.

Saruman believes that it is only great power that can hold evil in check…but that is not what I have found.
I have found that it is the small things..

Everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.

Simple acts of kindness and love.

Why Bilbo Baggins?

Perhaps it is because I’m afraid.

And he gives me courage.

Gratitude & Giving (The Return)

Then there’s the return

A new perennial emotion is born:

Passion 🙏

The heroine has now learned the true meaning of the journey

And has earned her right to travel to higher dimensions

And after all her adventures comes back to the same place with different eyes, and discovers the place for the first time

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
~T.S. Eliot

Appreciation is the passport to the other world.

Because the other world is THIS world rightly seen.

“The other world is this world, rightly seen” – Nisargardatta

Gratitude and Giving is the waltz with Mother Nature and the duet with Father Time.

And when the return is complete…

It is like the grand finale to your favorite movie…

A happy ending.

And in the end Love always wins ❤️

We talked about “TIME” in the beginning.

And the only way to transcend time is CONTRIBUTION.

You have come FULL CIRCLE.

And the powerful play goes on with another hero…

Another story worth telling.

Embark on the Maiden Voyage – Only for the Courageous Few

The Rebel’s Journey is NOT for everyone

It is a winding road.

There will be twists and turns.

There will be adrenaline.

There will be FEAR

There will be pain ☃️

There will be incomparable challenges


FREEDOM like you’ve never experienced before.

You won’t just revel in the storm…

You’ll be FLYING above the clouds 

You won’t just be watching stars..

You’ll be melting them.

You won’t be just the dancer.

You’ll become the DANCE.

You’ll learn about profound life lessons handed down from Titans before us and You’ll learn that ACTION is the first step to the castle.

We will dissect your subconscious.

Turn it inside out so we can zoom in into your character and discover the environments that has molded you…

And we’ll THAW the clay ❄️

To turn you into a work of art of your design.

We’ll take a look at your habits, which is just a reflection of your subconscious.

We’ll take a look at your friends and surroundings.

And how the people and friends you hold next to you..

Become your Adjacent Reality

You literally BECOME the energy you surround yourself with most.

It is with UPMOST importance to have AMAZING people in your life (like yours truly 😊)

You BECOME your friends. You BECOME your environment.

You are the MOLD…

…the environment is the SCULPTOR.

We’ll take a look at how you do ONE thing, is how you do EVERYTHING.

Health and longevity are just a byproduct of your conscious cleanliness and good morals.
Finances are just a side effect of the value that you add to the world
Marketing is just a side dish of trying to help as many people as possible

Who you ARE, comes with you wherever you go.

Your subconscious shadow follows you around.

The SELF is ALWAYS coming through.

You’ll learn to become purely present to the moment and how to find happiness in the infinite.

But above all, these probably hold the most weight:

👊 Constant and NEVER ending improvement
💥 Maximum Action
🙏 All blanketed with the Universal Law of GIVING.

If this sounds like an epic journey…

The grand adventure that you’ve always desired…

Then this is for YOU.

And you are not alone.

We’ll be growing together.

All of us.

I’ll be updating you with wisdom as we progress.

It’s not a solo journey.

We’ll meet mentors together, build a fellowship along the way.

A team taking the grand EPIC journey of epiphanies together.

To leave the Shire and to travel to Mordor
To slay Dragons 🐇
To discover Pandora

To go 3 levels deep into our psyche.

To discover Galaxies
To discover Gaia

To leave Midgar and save the world.

It is a never ending journey.

One that’ll take you to the edges of the world, the edges of your mind…

..and to ride on the harness of time.

Invite Destiny on the ride and take the road untravelled.

Join The Odyssey of Giving.

Let it be known..

That today

The Hero is Born.

And one last request…


Whatever you have in you..

Whatever it is that you want to do..

Whatever it is you want to give..


Time will fly circles around you if you wait

Nothing is faster than the speed of time.

There are only so many moments we have left…

There are only so many tomorrows.

Make your life a living miracle

A vacuum for regret.

Do the work that you deem worthy of your life

And proclaim it to the universe.

That is the only way..

That you will forever remain..

A Hero.

Your Journey Starts Here, Hero: